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UW awarded $12.5 million to study astrophysical plasma here on Earth

The new Wisconsin Plasma Physics Laboratory, or WiPPL, will research fundamental properties of plasma in order to better understand our universe, where the hot gas is abundant.

UW System researchers played role in Nobel-winning gravitational wave discovery

Today’s announcement of the Nobel Prize in Physics, awarded to researchers Rainer Weiss of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Kip Thorne and Barry Barish of the California Institute of Technology, bears University of Wisconsin System connections.

Having cows put proteins into milk, not waste, is researcher’s goal

“On average, only about a quarter of the crude protein in a dairy ration goes to milk,” says Professor Sebastian I Arriola Apelo.

Wisconsin Undergraduate Journal Association brings together on-campus publications that showcase student scholarship

Its publishers are big believers in the power of sharing knowledge through the printed word. WUJA encourages students to consider submitting class papers they are especially proud of to a journal.

WRI Researchers track groundwater usage by trees in key Wisconsin regions

UW-Madison researchers are trying to address the question of how much groundwater is being used by trees — and how the changing levels of available groundwater may be affecting the trees’ growth over time.

IceCube helps demystify strange radio bursts from deep space

A University of Wisconsin–Madison physicist and his colleagues are turning IceCube, the world’s most sensitive neutrino telescope, to the task of helping demystify powerful pulses of radio energy generated up to billions of light-years from Earth.

Study finds Wisconsin children unequally ready for kindergarten

Researchers from the Wisconsin Center for Education Research (WCER), part of UW–Madison’s School of Education, compared the literacy skills of Wisconsin’s kindergarten students and found them “far from equally prepared to learn.”

Fire in a crowded theater? Nitrate film is crumbling as experts strive to salvage the past

The effort combined chemical analysis of nitrate film, review of historical literature on it, and information from professionals who have handled, stored and shipped it.

UW2020: WARF Discovery Initiative seeking Round 4 proposals

Early recipients of UW2020 funding, from the School of Music to the School of Medicine and Public Health and beyond, have assembled interdisciplinary teams to address their research questions and have attracted outside funding with initial support from the program.

UW–Madison ranked in top 5 for federal support for graduate students

A recent survey released by the National Science Foundation (NSF) ranks the University of Wisconsin–Madison fifth among universities and colleges receiving federal fellowship support.

Renewable energy flooring takes a step forward at Union South

A research team of UW engineers has installed a 96-square-foot, high-tech prototype that uses cheap, abundant wood pulp to harness the energy of footsteps and convert it into electricity.

Study: Early farm exposure mitigates respiratory illnesses, allergies and skin rashes

Exposure to dairy farms early in life may dramatically reduce the frequency and severity of respiratory illnesses, allergies and chronic skin rashes among young children according to a collaborative study.

Waisman Biomanufacturing has new managing director

Carl Ross has more than 26 years of experience advancing a wide range of cell and gene therapies, vaccines and therapeutic proteins into human clinical trials.