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UW’s influential sleep researchers get ideas during walks in woods

UW-Madison's Chiara Cirelli and Giulio Tononi are at the forefront of the world's sleep research, and many of their ideas emanate from walks at their woodsy Dane County home.

Virtual reality users must learn to use what they see

The study found that when most people put on a virtual reality headset, they still treat what they see like it’s happening on any run-of-the-mill TV screen.

Designer molecule points to treatment for diseases caused by DNA repeats

“Most young people with Friedreich’s ataxia develop severe heart problems and are wheelchair-bound," says researcher Aseem Ansari, "but the disease is so rare that few drug companies invest in it."

Veterinary students work with endangered cranes

Each year, a group of Veterinary Medicine students perform health checks on the captive flock residing at the International Crane Foundation in Baraboo, Wisconsin. These critical check-ups are essential for providing the best care possible, and the experience also provides a unique opportunity to get firsthand experience working with an endangered species. Video by Craig Wild/University Communications

Video game improves balance in youth with autism

Balance challenges are more common among people with ASD, and difficulties with balance are thought to relate to more severe ASD symptoms and impaired activities in daily living.

In the heart of devastating outbreak, research team unlocks secrets of Ebola

In a study of blood samples from Ebola patients in Sierra Leone, the team led by UW–Madison's Yoshihiro Kawaoka has identified signatures of the disease that may aid in future treatment efforts.

Molecular magnetism packs power with “messenger electron”

A UW–Madison lab has made a molecule that gains magnetic strength through an unusual way of controlling those spins, which could lead to a breakthrough in quantam computing.

BuckySubmit helps with public access compliance at UW–Madison

A new submission service called BuckySubmit helps researchers follow federal regulations requiring public access to their manuscripts.