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Lake Michigan waterfowl botulism deaths linked to warm waters, algae

UW-Madison researchers, with the help of citizen scientists, tracked bird deaths along Lake Michigan, and found that warm waters and algae apparently promoted the growth of botulism toxin-producing bacteria that caused them.

Cracking the code of coenzyme Q biosynthesis

A research group is chipping away at many of these knowledge gaps in CoQ production and in understanding the role of CoQ deficiency in human diseases.

Progress made toward treatment for rare, fatal neurological disease

Promising results in the lab and in animal models could set the stage for developing a treatment for Alexander disease, a rare and usually fatal neurological disease with no known cure.

Drinkwater and Czajkowski begin interim positions in Research and Graduate Education

Cynthia Czajkowski has been named interim associate vice chancellor for research in the biological sciences to fill in for Norman Drinkwater, who will become interim vice chancellor for research and graduate education when Marsha Mailick goes on temporary leave.

Monkeys infected by mosquito bites further Zika virus research

Monkeys who catch Zika virus through bites from infected mosquitoes develop infections that look like human Zika cases, and may help researchers understand the many ways Zika can be transmitted.

Researchers investigate how a stressed brain can make asthma worse

Researchers are investigating cross-talk between the brain and lungs of people with asthma in a four-year, $2.5 million study to understand how psychological stress can make asthma symptoms worse.

Violence a matter of scale, not quantity, researchers show

New research shows that the size of a society’s population is what drives the size of its “war group,” or number of people of fighting age who defend it.

First measurement of the cosmic-ray spectrum with HAWC

It bridges measurements at higher energy usually performed by ground based detectors and measurements at lower energy that previously had been conducted by detectors on satellites and balloons.

UW-Madison cloud computing research moves into new phase

UW-Madison is part of a team of campuses receiving nearly $10 million, collectively, from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to further develop cloud computing infrastructure and enable high-level research by scientists around the country.

UW’s influential sleep researchers get ideas during walks in woods

UW-Madison's Chiara Cirelli and Giulio Tononi are at the forefront of the world's sleep research, and many of their ideas emanate from walks at their woodsy Dane County home.

Virtual reality users must learn to use what they see

The study found that when most people put on a virtual reality headset, they still treat what they see like it’s happening on any run-of-the-mill TV screen.

Designer molecule points to treatment for diseases caused by DNA repeats

“Most young people with Friedreich’s ataxia develop severe heart problems and are wheelchair-bound," says researcher Aseem Ansari, "but the disease is so rare that few drug companies invest in it."