Students star in “Hip-Hop U: The First Wave Scholars”

The Wisconsin Public Television documentary explores the innovative work of the students in the First Wave learning community, which focuses on spoken word and hip-hop culture.

Stem Cells@20

Clinical prospects for stem cells begin to emerge

Responsible science is almost always a slow, grueling process, but 20 years after James Thomson derived the first human embryonic stem cell lines, experts in the field of stem cell and regenerative medicine feel more optimistic than ever.


Blank’s Slate: Shining a light on UW-industry collaboration

“Research on big and complex problems requires collaboration,” says Chancellor Rebecca Blank. Several recent, major initiatives can also create “extraordinary learning opportunities” for students.

Featured Expert

Kathleen Culver: Kavanaugh hearings and sexual assault allegation

Kathleen Culver, an expert in journalism and media ethics, can comment on the sexual assault allegation against SCOTUS nominee Brett… More

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Campus History

Stone survivors: Law School gargoyles reunited after nearly 70 years apart

Some families have a dog or cat; the Been family has a gargoyle. Now, it’s going back to its original home at the University of Wisconsin Law School — and the intriguing story of its loss and recovery is being told.


Discovery to Product creates new program to grow entrepreneurship at UW–Madison

Innovation to Market builds on the success of D2P’s Igniter program, which helped start 19 companies over the past three years.


New Faculty Focus: Kasey Keeler

"Part of my work and research is to draw attention to the history of Wisconsin as a Native place and the many tribal communities who still exist here."