Reaching for the stars: 50 years of space astronomy

In December 1968, the world’s first autonomous space-based astronomical observatory carried seven telescopes from UW–Madison, designed and built by a plucky band of scientists in an unassuming warehouse on South Park Street.

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Howard Schweber: The Affordable Care Act struck down

Howard Schweber, an expert on constitutional law and American politics, is available to comment on news that the Affordable Care… More

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At winter commencement, notable grads abound

This Sunday, thousands of winter graduates will earn degrees from UW–Madison. Each has an impressive story to tell. Here are just a few of the remarkable tales behind the names you’ll hear at the Kohl Center.


Commencement spotlight: The road less taken leads military vet to his ‘dream school’

“I would not have made it to UW–Madison without the military,” Noah Ash says. “I was given this amazing opportunity, and I have tried my best to make the most of it.”


UW-Madison folklorist Leary nominated for Grammy

The nomination is for Leary's album notes for "Alpine Dreaming," whose content comes from a record label, Helvetia, launched in 1920 by Ferdinand Ingold, a Swiss settler in Monroe, Wisconsin. Several UW–Madison departments contributed to the project.