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UW Impact

New white paper showcases value of UW–Madison’s in-state job creation, grad placement and economic recovery

June 9, 2021

With an annual statewide impact of $30.8 billion, the UW is a major contributor to Wisconsin’s economic growth, particularly when it comes to job creation and workforce development.


School of Pharmacy combats racial disparities in COVID-19 vaccination

June 11, 2021

Student pharmacists being taught to respectfully serve diverse populations through changes in the curriculum, including a new lecture about the history of racism in medical research.


"A school can identify quickly if a staff member or a kid who comes in the school who might have symptoms comes in the school and should get sent home."

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Chris Kucharik: Drought intensifies in southern Wisconsin

From March to May of 2021, Madison received 5.05 inches of rain, making it the 12th driest spring since records… More

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SMPH survey shows increase in total COVID-19 infections and effect of vaccine uptake

June 8, 2021

The third and final wave of an SMPH survey estimated more than 11% of participants had a positive COVID-19 antibody test due to infection with the virus that causes the disease — a two-fold increase from the second set of results in December.

UW Impact

Engineering students learn by solving real-world problems

June 7, 2021

Students overwhelmingly enjoy the classes that enable them to put their calculus, chemistry, physics and other knowledge to use.