UW–Madison researcher awarded “Make Our Planet Great Again” grant

Professor Carol E. Lee has just been awarded a grant from the French government to investigate the ability of plankton to evolve and adapt to a changing climate.

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Shane Hubbard: Midwestern flooding and beyond

Hubbard studies flood and natural disaster response. He can discuss how the widespread flooding throughout the Midwest fits in with… More

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WAA launches ‘Thank You, 72’ podcast and radio series

The Wisconsin Alumni Association has launched a new podcast and radio series called "Thank You, 72," that celebrates outstanding Badgers from Wisconsin’s 72 counties.


Barley experiment reveals plant science to fifth-graders

A big part of 5th grade science project is the emphasis on using controls and variables in scientific experiment. How much water did you use? How often did you water? Did using hot or cold water make a difference?