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Cannabis marketers targeting kids on social media, despite prohibitions

January 25, 2022

A new study led by the UW School of Medicine and Public Health finds many recreational cannabis companies market their products in a way that appeals to children and teens, despite state-based regulations prohibiting it.

Researchers seeking study participants to lose weight — by phone

January 19, 2022

Log2Lose, an 18-month study, aims to help people build habits for a healthier lifestyle by sending them motivational text messages and providing an app to keep track of what they eat.

Boosting one gene in the brain’s helper cells slows Alzheimer’s progression in mice

January 10, 2022

High activity of the gene, Nrf2, slowed cognitive and physical decline in the mice and reduced the accumulation of sticky proteins in their brains, all key markers of the disease in humans.

Video games teach balance, reduce symptoms in autistic adolescents

January 6, 2022

Waisman Center researchers hope to identify outcomes of balance training that will be meaningful to autistic adolescents and contribute to their quality of life.

How does a spider weave its web?

December 29, 2021

Integrative Biology Professor Prashant Sharma’s lab studies spiders and their ancestors to ask questions about how their unique forms, such as spinnerets, came about.

UW astronomer tracks galaxies’ “growth spurts” using the new James Webb Space Telescope

December 22, 2021

Using powerful telescopes and spectroscopy, Michael Maseda studies images of hundreds of galaxies, trying to answer some of the thorniest questions about how they began.

Study finds that not even the largest lakes in the world are safe from salt

December 21, 2021

Researchers used water quality data and computer models to analyze the amount of salt being carried into Lake Michigan by 234 different tributaries, from major rivers to tiny streams.

Pandemic-Affected Research Continuation Initiative funds 50 new proposals

December 16, 2021

PARCI provides support through the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation for research projects that had to spend down grants during the pandemic even though the research activities themselves were stalled.

Two UW–Madison teams chosen 2021 WARF Innovation Award winners

December 15, 2021

Researchers who created a device for detecting explosives and a cross-disciplinary group working at the frontiers of medicine and nanotechnology have taken top honors from the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation.

In a busy and productive 2021 for UW–Madison research, these stories stood out

December 14, 2021

University Communications covered a range of insightful, fun and important research developments. The writers who brought you those stories chose these as particularly memorable.