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UW–Madison joins state consortium to bolster Wisconsin’s lead in biohealth

August 28, 2023

The consortium will build on Wisconsin’s role as a center for growth in personalized medicine and biohealth technology to enhance the health and economic well-being of Wisconsinites and the global community.

Wisconsin named National Center of Excellence for wastewater surveillance

July 12, 2023

Community-focused wastewater surveillance is a cost-effective tool for public health practice. It involves looking for the presence of pathogens that people shed in sewage, whether or not they have symptoms, and measuring the pathogen levels over time.

UW–Madison researchers reveal how key protein might help influenza A infect its hosts

June 22, 2023

Scientists have found that a key viral protein produced by influenza A can shred a host cell's genetic materials while leaving the virus unharmed.

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