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Astronomers model, determine how disk galaxies evolve so smoothly

September 25, 2020

Using advanced computer simulations, scientists from UW, Iowa State and IBM are learning how galaxies get their characteristic structure — super-bright centers fading away to dark edges.

Interview: Keys to a successful COVID-19 vaccine

September 25, 2020

The race to develop a vaccine for the virus that causes COVID-19 will represent the largest global vaccination effort since the fight against polio nearly 70 years ago. That historical perspective is important, says Morgridge Institute virology investigator Paul Ahlquist.

Coldest Northern Hemisphere temperature, first recorded by UW–Madison, officially confirmed

September 24, 2020

Nearly 30 years after recording a temperature of minus 93.2 degrees Fahrenheit in Greenland, the measurement has been verified as the coldest recorded temperature in the hemisphere.


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