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Cataclysm at Meteor Crater: Crystal sheds light on Earth, moon, Mars

July 26, 2016

In molten sandstone extracted by prospectors a century ago, an international team of scientists has discovered microscopic crystals telling of unimaginable pressures and temperatures when an asteroid formed Meteor Crater in northern Arizona some 49,000 years ago.

UW-Madison’s Zweibel wins 2016 Maxwell Prize for Plasma Physics

July 20, 2016

University of Wisconsin–Madison astrophysicist Ellen Gould Zweibel has won the American Physical Society’s 2016 James Clerk Maxwell Prize for Plasma Physics.

Washburn Observatory open Monday for public viewing of Mercury crossing sun

May 5, 2016

Weather permitting, Washburn Observatory will be open to the public for safe viewing of the event.

High Throughput Computing helps LIGO confirm Einstein’s last unproven theory

March 8, 2016

A software program pioneered at UW–Madison churned away in the background, helping analyze data from billions of particle collisions.

After long hiatus, Washburn Observatory public viewing to resume

February 26, 2016

The observatory had closed unexpectedly in April 2014 when a motor and gear box that operate a sliding door on the dome malfunctioned.

UW astronomer recognized for demystifying star system

January 15, 2016

Sebastian Heinz has been honored by the American Astronomical Society for his work to unravel the mystery of Circinus X-1, a bizarre binary star system in our galaxy that exploded some 2,500 years ago.

Recent sightings: Moon over Madison

September 28, 2015

Seen from the roof of Memorial Library, a supermoon rises in the nighttime sky behind the Wisconsin statue headdress atop the dome of the Wisconsin State Capitol building on Sept. 27, 2015.