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Dark energy to be topic of Space Place event

May 26, 2015

"To Infinity and Beyond: The Accelerating Universe," a live broadcast from the World Science Festival about dark energy, an antigravitational force that confounds the conventional laws of physics, will be hosted on the evening of May 28 by UW–Madison's Space Place.

Slideshow: Pieces of UW–Madison astronomy history off to the nation’s attic

February 12, 2015

While cleaning out Sterling Hall cabinets that hadn’t been opened in decades, UW–Madison Space Place Director Jim Lattis and colleagues in the Astronomy Department struck historical gold: a collection of old photodiode and photomultiplier tubes dating to the earliest days of photoelectric astronomy. The university is donating 20 of the vintage photo detectors to the Smithsonian Institution for its permanent collection of astronomical instruments.

UW team’s plants return to Earth after growing in space

November 6, 2014

Researchers at Simon Gilroy's lab in the Department of Botany at the University of Wisconsin–Madison expect to greet a truck this afternoon that is carrying small containers holding more than 1,000 frozen plants that germinated and grew aboard the International Space Station.

Beginning of time to unfold at UW–Madison Space Place

May 27, 2014

Eavesdrop on the beginning of time this Friday evening (May 30, 2014) at the University of Wisconsin–Madison's Space Place, 2300 S. Park St.

New Milky Way portrait to be on Town Center media wall

March 20, 2014

The dramatic new infrared picture of the plane of our galaxy will be viewable for the next week on the large media wall in the Town Center of the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery on the UW–Madison campus.

Fledgling supernova remnant reveals neutron star’s secrets

December 4, 2013

With the help of NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory and the Australia Telescope Compact Array, an international team of astronomers has identified the glowing wreck of a star that exploded a mere 2,500 years ago — the blink of an eye in astronomical terms.

IceCube pushes neutrinos to the forefront of astronomy

November 21, 2013

The IceCube Neutrino Observatory, a particle detector buried in the Antarctic ice, is a demonstration of the power of the human passion for discovery, where scientific ingenuity meets technological innovation.