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Marking MLK Day with a history-making leader

In addition to a keynote by Wisconsin's first African-American lieutenant governor, Mandela Barnes, Monday's event also featured music, discussion and, on a lighter note, coloring pages paying tribute to famous African-Americans.

Gamma ray telescope ready for prime time

A new telescope, part of an international effort to develop and build the world’s largest, most sensitive gamma-ray detector, was unveiled to the public Thursday. UW–Madison scientists developed a camera at the heart of the telescope.

Human respiratory viruses continue to spread in wild chimpanzees

Less than two years after the first report of wild chimpanzees in Uganda dying as a result of a human “common cold” virus, a new study has identified two other respiratory viruses of human origin in chimpanzee groups in the same forest.

New method assesses lead hazard in soil

UW-Madison researchers describe a way to use a common, low-cost soil test to determine how much of the lead is bioaccessible, and therefore dangerous.

A new kind of mosquito repellent that comes from bacteria

University of Wisconsin–Madison researchers describe the first mosquito-repelling compounds to be derived from bacteria, and they appear to work at lower doses than repellents currently on the market.

Stem cells: How we got here, where we’re going

This is the first in a series of four videos about stem cell research at UW–Madison: how it started, what it's achieved, and where it's headed. Catch up on what's happened since James Thomson's prescient prediction that stem cells "will change medicine, period." 

Throwing the W all over the world

With classes adjourned for winter break, some UW–Madison students traveled afar, from Arctic Valley in Alaska to Hobe Sound Beach in Florida to Cerro De La Muerte in Costa Rica. And being Badgers, they had to represent UW–Madison by throwing the W and taking a photo.

Students extend winning streak in fashion industry competition

UW­­–Madison students cleaned up in a prestigious national competition sponsored each year by the YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund — the fashion industry’s premier competition for gifted young designers, merchandisers, retailers and business majors.

Unraveling threads of bizarre hagfish’s explosive slime

Jean-Luc Thiffeault, a University of Wisconsin–Madison math professor, and collaborators Randy Ewoldt and Gaurav Chaudhary of the University of Illinois have modeled the hagfish’s gag-inducing defense mechanism mathematically.

UW course helps dairy farmer find small-farm success in a brutal market

The Wisconsin School for Beginning Dairy & Livestock Farmers, one of several “Short Courses” at CALS, helps beginning farmers like Andy Jaworski of the Green Bay area to get started.

Study: “Post-normal” science requires unorthodox communication strategies

Proposals to fight malaria by “driving” genes that slow its spread through mosquitoes is a high-risk, high-reward technology that presents a challenge to science journalists, according to a new report.

UW surgeon’s book reveals history, missteps, successes of organ transplants

Dr. Josh Mezrich has written a book, “When Death Becomes Life: Notes from a Transplant Surgeon,” that gives an overview of transplant history and lays bare Mezrich’s trepidations and triumphs as a kidney and liver transplant surgeon at UW Hospital.

Gene-editing tool now being used to develop better antibiotics

Jason Peters and colleagues have repurposed the gene-editing tool CRISPR to study which genes are targeted by particular antibiotics, providing clues on how to improve existing antibiotics or develop new ones.

Website redesign makes human resources information more accessible

All UW–Madison employees are affected by human resources topics such as pay, health benefits, time off, and saving for the future. A redesign of the UW–Madison Office of Human Resources website is now providing information on these topics and more in a user-friendly format.