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Aldo Leopold’s words once again broadcast to the state

In celebration of Earth Day, one of his successors will read portions of conservationist and former UW professor Aldo Leopold’s radio addresses that originally aired more than 80 years ago.

Hugh Iltis, UW’s ‘battling botanist,’ dies at 91

Passionate, articulate and informed, Iltis was opinionated, sometimes argumentative, but always a fearless defender of the natural world he revered.

Arboretum review seeks to strengthen iconic research program

The Arboretum was dedicated in 1934 and has served as a laboratory for generations of field ecologists, including the iconic conservationist Aldo Leopold.

Bird habitat changing quickly as climate change proceeds

The climatic conditions needed by 285 species of land birds in the United States have moved rapidly between 1950 and 2011 as a result of…

Study finds people transformed how species associated after 300 million years

The researchers found a surprising and very recent shift away from the steady relationship among species.

Herbarium director receives award for telling the story of plants

Ken Cameron, director of the Wisconsin State Herbarium, received the Peter Raven Award from the American Society of Plant Taxonomists Aug. 5. Cameron, also a professor of botany at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, is a world expert on the orchid family.