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Brand New Badger: A passionate voice on race relations chooses UW–Madison for grad school

Kyree Brooks, a first-year graduate student at UW–Madison, sought to use his platform as a student leader to improve race relations in his undergraduate years at UW-Whitewater.

Army ROTC cadet awarded prestigious national scholarship

Kai Pederson, an Army ROTC cadet and a junior at UW–Madison, was awarded a prestigious Distinguished Achievement Scholarship from the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation.

Summer sizzle: Eight UW–Madison students and the red-hot internships they just completed

“Internships have become increasingly important for students as a way to enhance their workplace-applied skills.”

WSUM’s live radio show connects community with local music

Every Friday the Live@WSUM program features two bands, which range from local musicians to artists from across the nation. They perform and are interviewed live on the air.

Coding for equity: UW senior works to make the tech industry more inclusive

UW-Madison senior Katie Zutter is working to help solve issues of gender bias and inequity in computer science, and she finds that inequities in tech only fuel her to push for change.

UW-Madison students reflect on study abroad experience

This summer, there are approximately 622 UW–Madison students studying abroad through International Academic Programs, up more than 19 percent compared to 2016. The students are scattered across the world, in 48 different countries.

Through robust collaboration, UW students help new museum launch inaugural exhibit

Over two years, UW–Madison students have researched dozens of objects in the Mount Horeb Area Historical Society’s expansive collection.

Student group promotes usefulness of philosophy in the community

“We believe that no matter what you’re doing, philosophy can help you do it better,” says the group’s executive director and co-founder.

New program makes vegetables, produce available for free on campus

The new UW Campus Food Shed will give students and faculty access to free vegetables and produce, stocked by UW agriculture researchers and local farms with excess crops.

UW-Madison student one of two finalists for inaugural title of National Youth Poet Laureate

Hajjar Baban is one of two finalists for the inaugural position of National Youth Poet Laureate. The title will be bestowed for the first time on April 26.

Symposium showcases gamut of student research, some of it already making lives better

A record 683 students took part in the annual celebration of undergraduate research.

Warrior Book Club, led by UW–Madison student, strengthens connections between veterans and civilians

The Warrior Book Club brings together veterans and non-veterans for discussions about literature dealing with combat and its aftermath.

With quirky photo project, student captures breadth, variety of campus libraries

The “Libraries of UW–Madison” is a quirky trip through the stacks of a top university. In 41 photos, a student captures what makes each library unique.