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Beyond silicon: researchers solve a materials mystery key to next-generation electronic devices

UW-Madison researchers have provided evidence of a hole gas coexisting with two-dimensional electron gas, a key discovery for oxide electronics.

Computer-generated database of diffusion values is shared online

University of Wisconsin–Madison engineers recently used powerful computers to quickly and accurately develop the world’s largest computed database of information about an important materials-mixing process called diffusion.

In static friction, chemistry is key to stronger bonds

Inspired by phenomena common to both earthquakes and atomic force microscopy, University of Wisconsin–Madison materials engineers have learned that chemical reactions between two silicon dioxide surfaces cause the bonds at that interface to "age," or strengthen gradually over time.

Curiosities: What is the flattest thing in the world?

The answer depends on many factors, including how the measurement is made and the scale of interest. “A mountain can look very rough, but if…

Silicon superlattices: New waves in thermoelectricity

A University of Wisconsin–Madison research team has developed a new method for using nanoscale silicon that could improve devices that convert thermal energy into electrical energy.