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Get Social: Campus gets spiffed up for homecoming

In this week's Get Social, we feature some of the best posts about campus in preparation for all the Homecoming festivities. Be sure to share some of your own and tag them #WiscoHoco.

Science-A-Thon celebrates a day in the life of a scientist

Scientists from around the world will share photos of a typical day for the social media campaign, designed to exhibit and promote diversity in science and raise funds for scientific mentoring. Participating scientists will post 12 photos over 12 hours on social media, an hour-by-hour snapshot of a day in the lab, field or classroom, using the hashtag #dayofscience.

National Academy reports seen as beacons for civil public discourse

A new study says that a consensus report on GMO crops was useful in terms of fostering informed public conversation on a divisive technology.

Share how you spent your #UWSummer day, and win a prize!

How do you spend your #UWSummer day? Next week, we’d like you to use Twitter and Instagram to share your Summer Term activities, whether it’s learning in a classroom, working a job of internship, or just relaxing on the Terrace.

A social media journey through 2017… in red and white

A look back at UW–Madison's most popular Tweets and Instagrams of 2017, from Lake Mendota to Camp Randall and back.

CyberBadgers: A look back at 2016 on social media at UW

A look back at some of the most popular Tweets and Instagram posts at UW–Madison during 2016.

New research looks at fallout from posting embarrassing moments on social media

While social media sites may offer positive opportunities to engage with friends, share information and expand our social networks, these online platforms may also become a place where past mistakes, missteps, or embarrassing moments become fodder for discussion in the public domain.

When inhaling media erodes attention, exhaling provides focus

For people who text while watching TV or listen to music while reading, sharpening their focus may be as simple as breathing.

UW-Madison Twitter account graduates with top honors

Engagement Labs has named @UWMadison as 2016’s top U.S. educational institution when it comes to communicating in 140 characters or less.

Experts for media: Facebook turns 10

Millions of people around the world use Facebook, which was first launched on Feb. 4, 2004. The University of Wisconsin–Madison has experts who can discuss the popular social networking site, how people use it and how it has affected the way we communicate. They include:

Five Questions: Lecturer, critic McNutt connects TV viewing and social media

Watching and discussing television — its production, social impact and sense of place — has given Myles McNutt a unique perspective on the American experience. Through social media, McNutt, now a University of Wisconsin–Madison doctoral candidate, has found the perfect intersection between research and real life.

Facebook profiles raise users’ self-esteem and affect behavior

A Facebook profile is an ideal version of self, full of photos and posts curated for the eyes of family, friends and acquaintances. A new study shows that this version of self can provide beneficial psychological effects and influence behavior.