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Bortin’s landmark in journalism saw Russia open up

UW–Madison alumna Meg Bortin went from being a non-journalism major to becoming a correspondent and editor at Reuters and the International Herald Tribune. In 1992, she helped found the first independent English language daily newspaper in Russia: The Moscow Times.

Panel discusses media after the midterms

Visiting journalist David Folkenflik was part of an expert panel Wednesday discussing this week's election.

Discussing science journalism in the era of fake news

Laura Helmuth, the fall 2018 UW–Madison Science Writer in Residence, had a lively discussion with other panelists about "Science Journalism in the Age of Fake News" Wednesday at Steenbock's on Orchard in the Discovery Building.

Could computers help close partisan divides?

Researchers are using artificial intelligence to develop a comprehensive picture of how people communicate about politics, and how those conversations are shaped by media, social networks and personal interactions.

Away with words: Emoji help brands communicate with customers

A UW–Madison professor's research examines how emoji are used to convey meaning and emotion in written communications, especially on social media. Her favorite? The eye roll.

UW programs among Evjue Foundation award recipients

The charitable arm of the Capital Times is providing $370,500 for 30 campus projects and programs in the humanities, science, the arts, health, media and more. The foundation was established by William T. Evjue, the founder and longtime editor of the Madison newspaper.

Climate reporter Gillis is UW–Madison Science Writer in Residence

Justin Gillis twice traveled to Antarctica to chronicle ice sheets in danger of collapsing, covered the conference that created the Paris climate accord and was the principal author of the New York Times climate-solutions series “The Big Fix.”

Popular podcast course teaches there’s more to the medium than the latest buzzworthy show

The course not only exposes students to a variety of podcasts, but also teaches them to think critically about sound and gives them hands-on experience with manipulating audio.

ABC News’ David Muir, America’s most-watched anchor, to be spring commencement speaker

Muir is known as a tough and principled reporter whose exclusive interviews generate global headlines — a “Gen X Walter Cronkite,” as Vanity Fair magazine put it.

Panel to discuss health care policy, ethics and journalism

Three experts will engage with the public and foster understanding of the ethical decisions journalists and policymakers face.

The Atlantic’s Ed Yong visits UW as fall science writer in residence

You might think having his first book land on Mark Zuckerberg’s bedside table would be recognition enough for a career science writer, but impressing Facebook’s founder is just one of his many accomplishments.

Sykes will discuss ‘Conservatism in the Age of Trump’

Author and former radio talk show host Charlie Sykes will visit UW­–Madison as part of the Wisconsin Writer in Residence program.

Author Erik Vance is UW–Madison science writer in residence

Vance will spend a week on the UW–Madison campus, staring April 3, working with students, faculty and staff interested in science communication and science journalism.

Center for Journalism Ethics announces finalists for Shadid Award

The six projects nominated for the Anthony Shadid Award for Journalism Ethics combined aggressive reporting on important issues with care for the consequences of that reporting.

Communications expert advises how science should respond to fake news

The rise of fake news has dominated the world of politics recently, but fake news is not at all new in the world of science, says life sciences communication Professor Dominique Brossard.

Science journalist Nadia Drake is UW–Madison writer in residence

Drake’s work spans the sciences. She has written about subjects as diverse as giant spiders and human ancestry, although much of her work focuses on astronomy and space science.

Paper examines news coverage of Trump

With the presidential election less than two months away, it can be easy to forget that Donald Trump was once considered a long shot. Key…