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A new history brings to life people, places and innovations of Wisconsin astronomy

May 16, 2024

A new book, Chasing the Stars: How the Astronomers of Observatory Hill Transformed Our Understanding of the Universe traces the history of astronomy in Wisconsin and at UW–Madison, beginning with the Indigenous mound builders through the construction of Washburn Observatory to the present day, bringing to life the people, places and innovations that have made Wisconsin an important contributor to our understanding of the universe.

Lauren McLester-Davis becomes UW’s first director of Indigenous science advocacy

November 29, 2023

In this new position, she will weave together science addressing Alzheimer’s disease and dementias, metabolism, and cognitive aging among Indigenous populations in Wisconsin, and other groups often underrepresented in research.

Expansion of First Nations Cultural Landscape Tour will increase capacity of popular educational offering

October 19, 2023

The tour examines the 12,000-plus years of human existence documented along the shores of Lake Mendota, particularly the history of the Ho-Chunk Nation, on whose ancestral land the university now sits.

Powwow celebrates Native cultures for Indigenous Peoples’ Day

October 13, 2023

Student organization Wunk Sheek hosted the powwow, welcoming the community to enjoy a celebration of Indigenous cultures.

Aaron Bird Bear, set to retire, changed the way we understand campus

December 5, 2022

Aaron Bird Bear, UW's director of tribal relations, will retire Jan. 1 after nearly 23 years dedicated to improving campus life for Native students and reshaping the university's relationships with the tribes of Wisconsin, including the Ho-Chunk Nation on whose ancestral land the university resides.

Ho-Chunk graduate students elevate Native voices in their studies

April 13, 2022

 Their studies are in widely different areas but their goals are similar: Making their spaces — whether it’s museums, schools, or hospitals — more inclusive of and receptive to Ho-Chunk and other Native people.