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UW–Madison Earth Fest offers education, inspiration, motivation with nearly 50 campus events

April 9, 2024

Earth Fest will feature inclusive, holistic ways to learn about the environment; collaborative and interdisciplinary approaches to environmental challenges; and fun, interactive experiences that engage participants with the world we all share.

UW–Madison researchers develop better way to make painkiller from trees

April 8, 2024

The process is primarily water based, relies on green solvents, and is continuous rather than a batch reaction, which makes it ideal for industrial applications.

Q&A with Prof. Steffi Diem, a UW–Madison fusion scientist and 2024 U.S. Science Envoy

March 15, 2024

Diem, a fusion energy expert, specializes in heating the ultra-hot fuel for fusion and confining it within efficient and compact magnetic bottles. Her selection as one of four new U.S. Science Envoys highlights growing recognition of fusion's role in building a clean and renewable energy future.

New sustainable visitor and education center to transform Picnic Point, Lakeshore Nature Preserve

February 9, 2024

With a generous gift from Jerry Frautschi, a new visitor and education center will create increased access for all visitors, provide safer pedestrian crossing and entry to the parking area off University Bay Drive and serve as the new “front door” for visitors to begin their journey.

Multitasking microbes: UW–Madison scientists engineer bacteria to make two valuable products from plant fiber

December 20, 2023

UW researchers have engineered bacteria that can produce two chemical products at the same time from underutilized plant fiber. The discovery could help make biofuels more sustainable and commercially viable.

Dining Farm: Students help grow food for dining halls

December 6, 2023

The produce serves not only as a stepping stone towards sustainability — including building permanent raised-bed soil — but also serves as an educational community experience.

Sharing discoveries and imagining the future at the second annual Sustainability Symposium

October 31, 2023

From a keynote address on improving food security through a circular economy, to lightning talks on campus sustainability initiatives and poster sessions on research projects across UW–Madison, enthusiastic attendees learned, swapped ideas and inspired one another.

UW-Madison recertified as platinum Bicycle Friendly University

October 26, 2023

According to the league, certified institutions address health and environmental challenges by creating welcoming, inclusive environments for people who bike.

Study finds mindfulness training may not be enough to increase eco-friendliness

October 23, 2023

The innovative study marks the first time researchers have conducted a randomized controlled trial to test whether a direct relationship exists between meditation and eco-friendly attitudes and behaviors.

With UW–Madison assist, project could accelerate nation’s clean energy transition

October 20, 2023

The project would be the first to demonstrate — at a commercial scale — a closed-loop, carbon dioxide-based energy storage system and could validate the technology for wide-scale deployment in the United States.

UW–Madison project combines art, policy and science to create plant-based plastics and benefit marginalized communities

October 17, 2023

A team led by University of Wisconsin–Madison scholars has a plan to turn paper mill waste into plant-based plastics, slashing greenhouse gas emissions and other pollution and creating economic opportunities in ways that benefit marginalized communities.

New approach shows hydrogen can be combined with electricity to make pharmaceutical drugs

August 21, 2023

Developing a hydrogen-based way to make pharmaceuticals aligns with renewed interest in a "hydrogen economy."

Campus buzzes with Earth Week activity

April 25, 2023

April 17-23, students across campus put their talents and creativity to work for Earth Week, showcasing the myriad efforts across campus to make UW, Wisconsin and planet Earth more sustainable.

Five startups from UW with great ideas to protect the earth

April 19, 2023

From improving air quality, water scarcity and quality, to renewable and alternative energy sources, these solutions are not only better for the environment — they’re better for business.

Inaugural Bassam Z. Shakhashiri Public Science Engagement Award recognizes excellence in outreach

March 20, 2023

A conservation scientist with a goal of finding ways to equitably protect tropical forest biodiversity and a teaching faculty member whose outreach work has led to a method for teaching visually impaired students about nanotechnology received the award.

Cutting air pollution emissions would save 50,000 U.S. lives, $600 billion each year

May 16, 2022

Eliminating air pollution emissions from energy-related activities in the United States would prevent more than 50,000 premature deaths each year and provide more than $600…

Chalk it up to Earth Day

April 20, 2022

On April 20, students got together to chalk the sidewalks outside of the Historical Society with Earth Day-inspired art, to get campus excited for the day, on Friday, April 22.

UW–Madison, Alliant Energy collaborate on solar and agricultural research project

April 8, 2022

Beyond the production of renewable energy, Alliant Energy and UW–Madison are exploring future partnerships to advance the solar research project for education, demonstration and training purposes.