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Swab the deck and grab the microscope: Wisconsin educators sail Lake Michigan

A dozen educators from Minnesota and Wisconsin have set sail from the Port of Milwaukee on a one-of-a-kind professional development workshop aboard the sailing vessel Denis Sullivan.

Biochemistry labs mentor high school youth apprentices

“For students interested in science and research, it’s great for them to learn how things work at a top-tier institution like UW–Madison early on.”

Wisconsin Idea: UW’s “mission statement” under the microscope in fall course

“I want to see the campus reminded of its legacy. We need to talk about our roots. The University of Wisconsin is steeped in a history that is honorable.”

UW-Madison experts ready to help prepare for school year

MEDIA ADVISORY MADISON – As parents, students and teachers prepare for the upcoming school year, experts from the University of Wisconsin–Madison are ready to provide…

Sea Grant project seeks to protect 22 Lake Michigan coastal communities

Wisconsin Sea Grant is launching a new project to cut erosion and protect Lake Michigan shoreline homes, beaches and harbors.

Sparkling wine from Kewaunee best in show at first Wisconsin wine taste-off

Nineteen Wisconsin wineries presented 93 wines at the first annual “Wine is Wisconsin” competition on the UW–Madison campus on Monday.

A thank you, and a goodbye — sweetened with ice cream

In honor of Project 72 — an outreach effort highlighting UW–Madison connections and alumni in all 72 Wisconsin counties —  ice cream was served from…

American voices from the past live again, as DARE recordings available online

More than 1,800 recordings of people interviewed for the Dictionary of American Regional English are now freely available online, hosted by the University of Wisconsin’s Digital Collections Center.

State cartographer’s office releases third edition of statewide parcel map

The state cartographer’s office at UW–Madison has released the latest update to a portal that pulls together 72 county databases that document who owns which parcels of land in Wisconsin.

Near-miracle stroke survivor heading for repeat vacation at “Stroke Camp”

The Wisconsin Refresh and Retreat Stroke Camp is part of a national network of weekends – think summer camp – for people recovering from strokes and those who for care for them.

Fox Racing’s founder got his start motorbiking at UW

UW grads Geoff and Josie Fox combined backgrounds in physics and art history, an appreciation for adventure, and a willingness to change course to gain incredible traction in the action sports industry.

How to take in the eclipse: Tips from UW Space Place

The effects of the partial eclipse in Wisconsin will be subtle, but worth watching nonetheless.

Wisconsin manufacturer leading the market on building ventilation systems

Greenheck, of Schofield, has become a leading manufacturer of industrial ventilation systems and fans with the help of UW–Madison expertise and graduates.

School of Nursing receives grant to expand Native American enrollment

Two faculty members at the UW–Madison School of Nursing have received a $1.3 million federal grant to develop a comprehensive system of support services that will help admit, retain and graduate 30 Native American nursing students over the next four years.

Lakeshore researchers learn to fight weeds by studying them

Six student volunteers are helping pare back invasive weeds in the Lakeshore Nature Preserve while also advancing research on how to best control invasive species in disturbed environments.

UW-Madison advisory board aids cancer treatment statewide

The Precision Medicine Molecular Tumor Board has a dual mission: consulting with oncologists statewide about targeted drugs to battle out-of-control cancers; and amassing data on what works and what does not.

Student group promotes usefulness of philosophy in the community

“We believe that no matter what you’re doing, philosophy can help you do it better,” says the group’s executive director and co-founder.

Plan tests ancient Chinese tradition to help elders with balance

Could a stripped-down tai chi class, taught in just 12 sessions and also practiced at home, improve balance in people over age 65 who were concerned about balance?