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Reddit competes to visualize Madison’s prized Lake Mendota ice data

Data visualizations generated by a Reddit competition reveal a concerning trend that’s been known to scientists at UW–Madison and elsewhere for decades: ice is disappearing on Lake Mendota.

Multi-university collaboration will use data science to find the next El Nino

A new collaboration involving UW–Madison will develop novel data science tools to sniff out hidden weather patterns, improving weather forecasts and scientific understanding of global climate.

Study finds fewer middle-skill jobs in U.S. than estimated

Using a new skills index based on federal data, the study finds that 16 percent of all jobs require training beyond high school but less than a bachelor’s degree, compared to previous estimates of one-third to more than one-half of total employment.

UW-Madison makes it easier to pursue a career in data science and analytics

A new website makes it easier for professionals to tap into UW–Madison graduate programs that prepare them for careers in the burgeoning field of data science and analytics.

UW-Madison launches data science initiative

“The pace of change in the data science field is extremely rapid, and we think the data science initiative is one very good way to keep UW–Madison research on pace with those changes,” says Associate Vice Chancellor Steve Ackerman.

UW-Madison researchers create tools to help farmers’ markets

Farmers market managers quickly learned that digging into data created by a tool from UW–Madison researchers can offer incredible insights and identify new opportunities. For instance, the market in Monroe, Wisconsin, discovered a large number of visitors from the Chicago region.

Madison company obtains FDA approval for sleep-data software

Ensodata, a UW–Madison spinoff that sifts through mountains of data from studies at sleep centers, received approval from the Food and Drug Administration on April 11 for its main product to be a medical device.

Massive, computer-analyzed geological database reveals chemistry of ancient ocean

Why did easy-to-see and once-common structures called stromatolites essentially cease forming over the long arc of earth history?

A data tool for homeowners to make rain gardens more effective

A UW–Madison team is using a combination of outreach, sampling and detailed watershed modeling to remove obstacles that prevent more widespread use of green infrastructure, and, more importantly, evaluate which green infrastructure strategies are most effective in which areas.

Liquid silicon: Computer chips could bridge gap between computation and storage

Computer chips in development at the University of Wisconsin–Madison could make future computers more efficient and powerful by combining tasks usually kept separate by design.

Computer-generated database of diffusion values is shared online

University of Wisconsin–Madison engineers recently used powerful computers to quickly and accurately develop the world’s largest computed database of information about an important materials-mixing process called diffusion.

In a sea of data, Bioinformatics Resource Center rides genomic wave

In July 2012, the UW–Madison Bioinformatics Resource Center opened for business, providing one-stop shopping for genetic sequencing, genome assembly, analysis and a host of services to help UW–Madison faculty and others make sense of the sea of data generated by new technologies that have put the secrets of human, plant, animal and microbial genomes within tantalizing reach.