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COVID questions: AC, superspreaders, herd immunity

July 30, 2020

Our experts answer: Can an air conditioning unit spread COVID-19? What is a superspreader? How do we achieve herd immunity?

Chancellor Blank statement on state agency funding lapse

July 22, 2020

Chancellor Blank released the following statement on July 22, 2020: “Today’s announcement by Governor Evers and the Department of Administration that state agencies will…

New shield couples COVID-19 protection with a clear view of the face

July 22, 2020

The team that created the popular Badger Shield medical fac e shield has now created a new version that provides a full, clear view of the face while still filtering virus particles through surgical fabric that cinches around the wearer’s chin and jawline. And again, they're sharing it with the world.

COVID questions: Choosing a mask, food safety

July 22, 2020

Editor’s note: We will be publishing answers to questions about COVID-19 and the pandemic each week in this COVID questions column. If you have a…

UW–Madison establishes free, campus-wide COVID-19 testing to support campus reopening

July 17, 2020

Two campus labs are coming together again in support of efforts to provide free COVID-19 testing to the entire campus community. The goal is to identify infections, isolate and care for those who are sick, and limit the spread of the disease.

COVID questions: Antibody disappearance, teen dating, voting

July 15, 2020

"In general, most people will make antibody, but this will decline over time.  We are working to discover the rate to which this decline occurs."

Badger Talks: Mail-in voting during the pandemic

July 14, 2020

In this week’s Badger Talks, Barry Burden joins us to talk about how the pandemic’s big push for mail-in voting is likely to affect the…

A pediatrician offers tips for talking with teens about COVID-19

July 10, 2020

Children and teens may need extra support from caregivers as they react to and work through the unique changes and challenges of life during an outbreak. This is especially true as COVID-19 cases across the country and communities create, implement and adjust restrictions.

Public Health Madison & Dane County releases new orders requiring face coverings

July 8, 2020

Effective on Monday, everyone age 5 and older will be required to wear a face covering or mask when in any enclosed building where other people, except for members of the person’s own household or living unit, could be present.

COVID-19 testing: Know before you go

July 7, 2020

With public demand for COVID-19 diagnostic testing increasing significantly, it is important that patients and the community understand where to seek testing, depending on whether one is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or not.

Badger Talks: Overcoming our sense of loss

July 7, 2020

Richard Davidson, founder of the Center for Healthy Minds, is known for his groundbreaking work studying emotion and the brain. On this edition of Badger Talks, he discusses how to deal with the loss we feel at this point in the pandemic.

Gradual reopening includes select facilities

July 7, 2020

After being closed since March due to the COVID-19 outbreak, some University of Wisconsin–Madison facilities are reopening on a limited basis, with new safety requirements such as masking and physical distancing.

Coughing visualization illustrates the benefits of wearing a good mask

July 6, 2020

A research team made a video of a modified mannequin whose mouth releases a puff of air containing fog, in order to see how well masks contain the fog and visualize results from testing different mask styles.

Study aims to help with “quarantine 15” weight management

July 3, 2020

Many people are eating more and exercising less since the pandemic began. Those who are interested can go to to fill out an online screening form and see if they qualify.

COVID questions: Dog parks, work from home, future of cities

July 2, 2020

Is it safe to take my dog to the dog park? What's the future of hard-hit urban areas? Will work from home continue after the pandemic?

UW–Madison and UW Health quickly launch a number of COVID-19 clinical trials

June 24, 2020

Among the latest is a study examining the potential for an existing drug to treat a serious and often deadly complication of a COVID-19 infection.

Campus event, travel restrictions extended through August 17

June 23, 2020

The extension is to help limit the spread of the disease and keep students, faculty, staff and the public safe.

COVID Questions: Polite distancing, second wave, should I get a test

June 23, 2020

Answers to your COVID-19 questions, including: Do you have tips for effective and polite (or at least non-confrontational) ways to ask strangers to move away from you when they're not wearing a mask?