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Anthropologist, ‘underground astronaut’ strike fossil gold in South Africa dig

December 6, 2013

Squeezing through a gap called the International Postbox and climbing the jagged Dragon's Back were not in Alia Gurtov's plans for the fall semester, but she made an exception in order to participate in a wildly successful archaeological expedition into a South African cave.

UW repository stores anthropological artifacts from around the world

October 8, 2013

Like Hercules assigned to clean the Augean stables, curator Danielle Benden was hired by the University of Wisconsin–Madison anthropology department in 2007 to sort and systematize the final resting place for the department's collection of pots, bones, baskets, spear points, clothing, musical instruments, kayaks and effigies.

Study: Monkey mothers key to reproductive success of sons

November 7, 2011

If you are a male human, nothing puts a damper on romantic success like having your mother in tow. If you are a male northern muriqui monkey, however, mom’s presence may be your best bet to find and successfully mate with just the right girl at the right time, according to a study reported by UW–Madison anthropologist Karen B. Strier.

Anthropologist coaxes stories, history from skeletons and their genetics

March 24, 2009

Five questions with …John Hawks

Curiosities: Why do we have fingernails?

May 21, 2007

Fingernails are essentially flattened versions of claws, and they evolved in all primates — including humans — to support broad fingertips, says UW–Madison anthropology…