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Moving moments: Our 10 favorite video stories of 2015

January 8, 2016

1. Hip-hop and mindfulness connect to help 5th graders achieve better results in the classroom and in their personal lives. 

2. A family tragedy spurs one man to radically change directions in his life and go back to school to help others. 

3. Homeless due to addiction, a former high-flying ad exec finds a new purpose with the help of the UW–Madison geography department. 

4. Alia Gurtov describes the first time she entered the dark, narrow chamber of the Rising Star Cave, where a new branch of the human family tree was discovered.

5. A West Point graduate follows his passion to become a professor, then shares his love for history and a liberal arts eduction with his students.

6. Blacklisted in the 1950s, an Oscar-winning Hollywood screenwriter’s papers are part of a trove of film history at UW-Madison. 

7. UW–Madison helps cultivate a vital crop in northern Wisconsin, where more than 60 percent of the world’s cranberries are harvested every autumn.  

8. UW–Madison is not only a world-class institution, it is a high-performance economic engine that benefits every resident of the state. 

9. Not just an outstanding academic, this professor’s innovative research has led to companies and jobs across the country. 

10. This former journalism student quit his job as a well-known TV reporter to write in Hollywood. As for his career, he didn’t wreck it.