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Storm-water management efforts deter runoff into Lake Mendota

September 7, 2004

It was easy to blame last spring's flooding in Dane County on record-setting rains. But people are as much at fault as the weather, says Ken Potter, civil and environmental engineering professor.

Lake research offers clues to managing crayfish invasions

August 3, 2004

Rusty crayfish, an invasive species now crawling across the rocky bottoms of lakes and streams throughout the United States and Canada, may not always have a stronghold once they enter these bodies of water.

Lake restrictions make lakeshore property more valuable

February 16, 2004

People are willing to pay more to live on a lake that's protected from degradation, often related to lakeshore development.

Researchers track clarity of Wisconsin lakes from space

January 17, 2003

Assisted by hundreds of volunteers around the state, UW researchers and their partners have developed a method of assessing the water quality of Wisconsin's lakes from space. Using images captured 438 miles above the earth, they have completed the first satellite-based inventory of the clarity of the largest 8,000 lakes in the state.

UW-Madison study returns biology to the basics

September 20, 2002

We may be living in the age of biotechnology, but science still has some very basic questions to answer. And, one of them is 'What microbes live in lakes?'

Scientists assess shoreline development impact

September 3, 2002

To understand the ecological effects of lakeshore development on these freshwater ecosystems, UW–Madison has launched an extreme experiment - remove all the woody debris from one lake's shoreline waters and study what happens.

Scientists share in Great Lakes project

February 27, 2001

Two university scientists will contribute to a $6 million research project that will take a comprehensive look at the environmental health of coastal and near-shore regions of the Great Lakes.

150-year global ice record reveals major warming trend

September 7, 2000

From sources as diverse as newspaper archives, transportation ledgers and religious observances, scientists have amassed lake and river ice records spanning the Northern Hemisphere that show a steady 150-year warming trend.

Lake study shows persistence of acid rain effects

August 11, 2000

Little Rock Lake, the site of a landmark study on the effects of acid rain, has been taken to chemical hell and back, and seemingly recovered from the trip.

Lake Mendota teems with teaching and research efforts – and algae

October 5, 1999

During any given semester, Lake Mendota lives up to its billing as the most studied lake in North America, with a popular undergraduate course taught on its waters and numerous research projects analyzing it inside-out. No university in the world is more versed in limnology, or the science of what makes a lake tick.