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Stirred, not shaken, lake mixing experiment shows promise

November 5, 2012

The question is simple: can a lake be cleansed of a pernicious invader by simply raising the water temperature?

Bodies of Wonder

August 29, 2012

Madison wouldn’t be Madison without its five nearby lakes that offer an abundance of choices — from quiet locations for contemplation to vast playgrounds during…

Recent sightings: Icy test drive

February 12, 2008

Photo: Jeff Miller An underwater robot is lowered by crane into an opening cut in the ice covering…

Invasive species spreads to Vilas County lake in Wisconsin

August 31, 2007

The spiny water flea, a small but aggressive aquatic invasive species, has made its way into another of Wisconsin's lakes, University of Wisconsin–Madison researchers reported last week.

Resident bacteria may help clean phosphorous from lakes

May 2, 2007

UW-Madison engineer Katherine McMahon is integrating her expertise in wastewater engineering and in biological systems to study the bacterial community in different eutrophied lakes — two in Madison and one in China — to learn more about how those bacteria affect phosphorus cycling in the lakes.

Lake districts serve as prisms of environmental change

April 24, 2007

Two vastly different Wisconsin lake districts - one in a dynamic agricultural and urban setting, the other in a forested and much less developed region of the state - are proving their value as sentinels of regional environmental change, according to a new report.