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A Capitol and Very Wisconsin Idea Video game teaches state history in schools

Thanks to a new educational video game — “Jo Wilder and the Capitol Case” — created by UW–Madison’s Field Day Lab and Wisconsin Public Television (WPT), learning about Wisconsin history, is “really cool,” a student says.

A video game can change the brain, may improve empathy in middle schoolers

In the experimental game, a robot crash lands on an alien planet. In order to rebuild the spaceship, players must, as the robot, build rapport with the aliens by deciphering their emotions.

Video game improves balance in youth with autism

Balance challenges are more common among people with ASD, and difficulties with balance are thought to relate to more severe ASD symptoms and impaired activities in daily living.

Astronomy video game wins national award

“At Play in the Cosmos,” an educational video game developed at UW–Madison, won the third annual Mashable + Games for Change People’s Choice Award.

Study finds Pokemon Go players are happier, friendlier

Media researchers at UW–Madison leapt at the opportunity to study the wildly popular mobile game shortly after its release in July 2016. Now they're reporting their results.

‘Fair Play’ video game wins award for revealing bias in STEM education

An experiential video game created at UW–Madison called "Fair Play" is earning accolades for raising awareness about implicit bias in academic settings.

Helping teachers design educational video games

On Friday, Jan. 27, ten K-12 teachers from around Wisconsin and the region gathered at the University of Wisconsin–Madison to help design and create…