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New Faculty Focus: Sami Schalk

The assistant professor’s research focuses on disability, race and gender in contemporary American literature and culture

Coding for equity: UW senior works to make the tech industry more inclusive

UW-Madison senior Katie Zutter is working to help solve issues of gender bias and inequity in computer science, and she finds that inequities in tech only fuel her to push for change.

By far, men garner most coveted speaking slots at virology meetings

Two UW–Madison researchers have confirmed that, at four prominent virology meetings, men were overwhelmingly represented as speakers.

Analysis: Gender differences in depression appear at age 12

An analysis just published online has broken new ground by finding gender differences in both symptoms and diagnoses of depression appearing at age 12.

Fruit flies help explain differences between males and females

John Pool, assistant professor of genetics at UW–Madison, studies evolutionary genetics in his “fly room.” David Tenenbaum Vive la difference! Trust the French…

Donna Shalala keynote speaker for UW–Madison Global Summit for Women

The former UW–Madison chancellor will consider the status of women and well-being in Wisconsin and the world.

UW receives UN chair for global work on gender, well-being and peace

The chair will be the first in North America to interrelate the three areas through researchers, practitioners and advocates for knowledge exchange and collaboration.