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UW Health’s healthcare heroes have stepped up

March 5, 2021

Their roles range from administering tests to caring for patients to ramping up telehealth, and they've worked long hours to help all of us through this difficult time.

Badger Talks: Disparities in COVID vaccination

March 5, 2021

“I think the disparities in vaccination are a reflection of the underlying  disparities that drive Covid-related mobidity and mortality in the first place."

Employee update: Outdoor safety, events, vaccine and more

March 3, 2021

Effective March 8, campus events may be held for up to 50 people indoors and up to 150 people outdoors. Facial coverings and maintaining physical distancing are required.

Changes to campus events policy

March 3, 2021

Effective March 8, the new campus events policy will allow up to 50 people to gather indoors and up to 150 people outdoors.

Meet the people who make Safer Badgers work, part four

February 24, 2021

Kacee, Josh, Jenna and Jen are among the many people who help keep campus safe during the pandemic.

Badger Talks video: The right type of mask

February 23, 2021

In this Badger Talks interview, mechanical engineering professor Scott Sanders talks through some of the mask-fitting guidance.

What the detection of B.1.1.7 in Dane County means for campus

February 19, 2021

On Thursday, February 18, Public Health Madison and Dane County announced that a case of COVID-19 caused by a variant of the virus called…

COVID-19 Response: Testing and vaccination updates for employees 

February 17, 2021

This weekly update on campus COVID-19 testing and Safer Badgers covers testing updates, vaccine updates and how to get help

Here’s what you should know about COVID-19 vaccination at UW–Madison

February 12, 2021

Since Jan. 5, when University Health Services began providing COVID-19 vaccines to members of the UW–Madison community, more than 7,000 shots have been given to eligible employees and students.

COVID questions: Is vaccine approved? What to expect afterward?

February 11, 2021

With thousands of Wisconsinites vaccinated and many thousands to come in the latest group recently announced for vaccination, there are five things people should know once vaccinated.

Meet the people who make Safer Badgers work, part 3

February 10, 2021

Meet Ryan, a front desk supervisor, and Lance, a Badger Wellness Ambassador. They're two of the many people who make Safer Badgers work.

COVID questions: Can I get two different types of vaccines?

February 4, 2021

Why aren't those who've recovered from COVID-19 last in line for the vaccine? If I get one type of vaccine can I get another type later? Where do we stand on vaccines?

UW-Madison COVID-19 stories and experts: Thursday Mourning, spread data, new vaccines

February 3, 2021

UW–Madison experts are available to discuss current topics surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, ranging from the future of travel to vaccine fears to remembering those who died.

Meet the people who make Safer Badgers work, part 2

February 3, 2021

It’s a big job to help keep campus safe through the pandemic. As part of UW–Madison’s Safer Badgers effort, people are needed to answer questions over phone and email, staff the testing sites, support the app, manage building access and more.

Second round of emergency COVID-19 financial aid coming for students

February 1, 2021

UW-Madison’s share of the new federal emergency student support is $9.9 million. This funding will be used to continue to address the additional financial burden many students and families are facing.

UW–Madison watching for new variants of virus that causes COVID-19

January 29, 2021

UW–Madison is working closely with public health agencies to prepare for the arrival of the variants, and the university has close ties to laboratories conducting surveillance and genomic sequencing for these virus types.

Meet the people who make Safer Badgers work

January 29, 2021

As part of UW–Madison's Safer Badgers effort, people are needed to answer questions over phone and email, staff the testing sites, support the app, manage building access and more.

Badger Talks video: The future of travel

January 28, 2021

The start of mass vaccination for COVID-19 has raised the exciting prospect of being able to travel again in the near future. In this Badger Talks video, Laura Albert, professor of industrial and systems engineering, talks about what we can expect as we return.

Building access limits to take effect Feb. 8; updates on testing

January 27, 2021

Each week, we’re updating the campus community on expanded COVID-19 testing requirements. With the start of instruction this week, these measures are now fully underway.