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Badger Talks video: The right type of mask

February 23, 2021 By Veronica Rueckert

With new, highly-contagious variants of COVID-19 circulating in the U.S., the CDC issued new guidance on mask-fitting this month. Among the recommendations, tight-fitting masks – with the use of a mask brace or mask fitter, and even double-masking, are options that offer better protection.

In this Badger Talks interview, mechanical engineering professor Scott Sanders talks through some of the mask-fitting guidance. In the video, Sanders demonstrates what a close-fitting mask looks like using a Badger Seal, a flexible wire used to hold the mask tightly to the face and minimize air leakage. The Badger Seal is one type of mask-fitter available for purchase or through open-source instructions.

Sanders also discusses double-masking, another option recommended by the CDC. Sanders says the addition of a cloth mask over a surgical-style mask can help with a close-fitting mask as well.

And as always, wear a well-fitting face covering with at least two layers when you’re around people from outside your household and when on campus. For more on current campus face covering policies, visit: The CDC also offers a guide to choosing face coverings:

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