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Photo gallery Life returns to the Terrace

June 16, 2021

People, music and conversation are back at the Terrace, as COVID-19 restrictions are gradually being lifted as more people are vaccinated. On Monday, many people gathered to watch the 1993 movie “Dazed and Confused” as dusk fell, marking the resumption of Lakeside Cinema programming. Many others sailed, gathered with friends or just sat on the pier to watch the sunset. Take a look at how to join in the fun at the Terrace and the Wisconsin unions.

A blue sky with a few clouds is reflected in Lake Mendota with the Terrace in the background.

The Memorial Union Terrace and Lake Mendota shoreline at sunset on June 14. Following a 15-month pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Wisconsin Union is further opening its facilities as more become people vaccinated for coronavirus. Photo by: Jeff Miller

A sailboat on Lake Mendota.

Members of the Hoofers Sailing Club sail on Lake Mendota, providing a beautiful scene to those relaxing on the Terrace. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Students sit on a pier, talking and laughing.

After a year of physical distancing, there's nothing like gathering with fellow Badgers on the pier at the Memorial Union Terrace. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Two wind surfers on the dappled surface of the lake.

Windsurfers with the Hoofers Sailing Club sail their longboards on the sun-dappled waters of Lake Mendota. Photo by: Jeff Miller

A movie is projected on a screen on the Memorial Union Terrace, with the lake in the background.

People watch the 1993 movie “Dazed and Confused" as dusk falls on June 14. The summer-series film screening is part of the Lakeside Cinema programming, led by the Wisconsin Union Directorate. Photo by: Jeff Miller

People are silhoutted by the setting sun as they sit on a pier in Lake Mendota.

Two friends embrace amid a relaxed gathering on the pier. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Two people look out over the lake, with a pier in the background with more people on it.

People are returning to the Terrace to watch the sunset, after a long year without such gatherings. Photo by: Jeff Miller

A sailboat sails on the lake.

A large sailboat docks as twilight falls. Photo by: Jeff Miller

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