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Bucky on Parade feature: Nicole Rosenbaum

July 18, 2018 By Parker Schorr

Artist Nicole Rosenbaum stands next to the Bucky she designed, Terrace Bucky, outside of Collectivo Coffee. A photo of Flamingo Bucky outside of the UW Foundation.

This summer we will feature a weekly Q&A with an artist who created one of the Bucky on Parade statues on UW’s campus to understand their artistic process, their inspirations, and why they love Bucky.

Artist: Nicole Rosenbaum

Bucky: Terrace Bucky (State Street near Colectivo) and Flamingo Bucky (UW Foundation)

What is your history as an artist?

When I was growing up, there was always a paintbrush in my hand. My mother is an oil painter and always gave me the opportunity to paint alongside her. Art is a prominent part of my past, present, and future. Next year I will be a senior graduating with an art education degree at UW. After school I cannot wait to share my love for creativity with students, as well as pursue my artistic journey as a painter. My parents, both in the arts, were always inspiring and supporting any artistic idea I had as a child. This love for art stuck, as I now find myself wanting to inspire the same passion and excitement in art that I had as a child in other children.

Artist Nicole Rosenbaum covered in paint sits next to Terrace Bucky.

What inspired you to come up with this take on Bucky?

Bucky at the Terrace was inspired by the countless days and nights I, and the Madison community, have spent at the Terrace. I wanted this Bucky to encapsulate all of the elements that make the Terrace so special, from the blue sky to the lake to the iconic Terrace chairs. My second Bucky, Flamingo Bucky, was created based on the tradition that floods Bascom Hill with plastic yard flamingos once a year on campus.

What idea or message do you hope people get out of this piece of art?

I hope that my Buckys spark a sense of nostalgia and joy within the community. They may remind someone of their college days in Madison, a memory from the Terrace, or just simply brings a smile to their face.

A close-up look of Flamingo Bucky's foot, which is covered in painted flowers.

What was the process of creating your Bucky like?

I had a blast creating these Buckys! Together I spent about 100 hours on both statues which included the sanding, priming and painting. I am also so thankful that Wheelhouse Studios, a community art studio located in Memorial Union, opened up their space for me, allowing both Buckys to come to life.

Of the other Bucky Badgers created, which ones do you like best?

Graduation Bucky has a special place in my heart. This year I have had several friends graduating from UW, and I will be graduating in a year. This Bucky sparks those “happy-sad-scary-welcome to the real world” kind of feelings.

A zoomed-out look at the where both Flamingo Bucky and Terrace Bucky stand on campus.