‘Badger Promise’ program offers free tuition to first-generation Wisconsin transfer students at UW–Madison

September 22, 2017

UW-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank proposed the program earlier this year with the goal of expanding access to lower-income Wisconsin residents and preparing the Wisconsin workforce to meet employers’ changing needs.

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Study: MMSD’s 4-year-old kindergarten expands educational equity

September 21, 2017

“The district is adding to the learning opportunities of children from historically disadvantaged groups before they enter kindergarten,” says researcher Jaymes Pyne.


Brand New Badger: Daughter of Hmong immigrants part of national push for more women in technology

September 19, 2017

“(My parents) urged my oldest sister to go to college, and she became the role model for the rest of us,” Rosee Xiong says. “And now I’m hoping I can be a role model for other minority students and for my younger siblings.”


Life-changing summer internship capped with night at the Emmy Awards

September 21, 2017

Communications Arts students Ali Walton and Ryan Holtz served summer internships at CBS, and both rubbed elbows with stars at the Emmy Awards.