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Vitamin settlement funds directed to stem cell research

November 19, 2001

A portion of the funds received by the State of Wisconsin in a price-fixing settlement with vitamin manufacturers has been directed toward stem cell research at UW–Madison.

Wisconsin Attorney General Jim Doyle directed the funds to the Wisconsin Regional Primate Research Center, the center where much of the pioneering stem cell work of James Thomson and others has taken place.

Doyle announced the award Friday (Nov. 16) at a news conference at UW–Madison’s Waisman Center. Helping make the announcement was UW–Madison alum and Hollywood producer Jerry Zucker whose daughter suffers from juvenile diabetes, one of the many cell-based diseases that may one day be treated or cured through stem cell technology.

“Nothing is more important than that we support stem cell research in Wisconsin,” Doyle said in directing $250,000 in unrestricted funds toward basic stem cell science . “We really have to support the people who are doing this” critical work.

Stem cells, said Zucker, the producer of Airplane, Naked Gun and other films, represent “the greatest hope we have for a cure. I’m very proud of the work started at UW and, once again, I find myself cheering for UW.”