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Jordan Gerth: Souping up state weather forecasts

Since arriving at UW–Madison from Kenosha in 2005 as a freshman, the atmospheric and oceanic sciences major has taken a lead role in a project that is making campus weather research tools available to frontline forecasters in Wisconsin’s National Weather Service (NWS) regional offices.

Curiosities: Why does the sky turn green before a tornado?

Scott Bachmeier, a research meteorologist at the Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies at UW–Madison, says that particles in the air scatter…

Curiosities: What are clouds made of?

Question submitted by Jimmy Andruss, 7th Grade, Sennett Middle School.

Preparing for better weather forecasts

UW–Madison scientist Allen Huang is at the forefront of preparations for new satellite instruments and the predicted data deluge.

Online tool accesses Wisconsin winter driving conditions, airport delays

PDA users can quickly assess conditions on major roads in Wisconsin during a blizzard using the University of Wisconsin–Madison's PDA Animated Weather, or PAW - a PDA-friendly online weather service developed at the UW–Madison's Space Science and Engineering Center.

New satellite tools putting hurricanes in sharper focus

A fleet of powerful new visualization tools is giving forecasters an unprecedented look into the anatomy of typhoons and hurricanes, helping refine early-warning systems. Beyond better resolution, these satellite-based tools are helping scientists break tropical cyclones down into their component parts, dissecting some of the forces that create, fuel and steer these dangerous storms.