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Video: 25th Annual Dog Jog

September 17, 2008

View video from the 25th Annual Dog Jog, a School of Veterinary Medicine event that raised more than $29,000 for homeless animals.

Geology professor drills into earth-shaking questions

January 30, 2008

Two months aboard an ocean-going ship might sound like a luxurious vacation. With 16-hour workdays amid the clamorous hubbub of an industrial drilling rig, however, Harold Tobin’s recent voyage was far from relaxing. Tobin, an associate professor in the geology department, sailed last fall into the western Pacific in a quest to peer into the heart of one of the most active earthquake zones on the planet.

Features of replication suggest viruses have common themes, vulnerabilities

August 14, 2007

A study of the reproductive apparatus of a model virus is bolstering the idea that broad classes of viruses - including those that cause important human diseases such as AIDS, SARS and hepatitis C - have features in common that could eventually make them vulnerable to broad-spectrum antiviral agents.