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Participants needed for Down, Fragile X syndrome study

January 20, 1999

The Waisman Center at UW–Madison is seeking help from families of adolescents with Down syndrome or Fragile X syndrome for a new research project on communication difficulties.

UW Scientists Report New Twist In Mammalian Cloning

January 19, 1999

Using the unfertilized eggs of cows, scientists have shown that the eggs have the ability to incorporate and, seemingly, reprogram at least some of the genes from adult cells from an array of different animal species.

Study shows pork lower in fat and leaner than ever before

January 12, 1999

A recently published study by researchers in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences shows that fresh pork has enhanced its reputation as the "other white meat."

Maps give new view of world and cosmos

December 29, 1998

A reindeer skin coat from Siberia, a Lukasa memory board from the Congo and an arrangement of knotted strings left by the Inca make up some of the objects of study in the latest volume in the massive History of Cartography project.

UW employee gambles on new arthritis therapy

December 22, 1998

Ken Ebbe, director of systems engineering for the Division of Information Technology, has seen his rheumatoid arthritis go into remission after undergoing an experimental treatment at the UW Medical School.

Consortium to bring space age forecasts to farm, forest

December 15, 1998

A new, NASA-funded research initiative, combining expertise from universities, industry, and state and federal government promises to bring space age technology to farm and forest in the Upper Midwest.

Colds trigger asthma

December 15, 1998

‘Tis the season for colds and, if you have asthma, a runny nose and watery eyes could signal some serious breathing problems around the…

Scholar extracts cultural clues from everyday objects

December 14, 1998

Ann Smart Martin, UW–Madison's first Chipstone Professor of Decorative Arts, has spent her professional life gleaning meaning from material objects.

Study reveals cellular quality control

December 14, 1998

Cells pay even closer attention to quality control of genetic information than scientists previously thought, according to new findings by UW Medical School researchers. Before sending genetic molecules out of the nucleus to sites where they will ultimately function, cells check to see that they are complete and ready to go.

Gifts boost cancer program in veterinary medicine

December 9, 1998

School of Veterinary Medicine officials have created a $250,000 campaign to create a new Cancer Recovery Ward to accommodate the huge increase in pets being treated and to provide more modern facilities.

Like greenhouse gases, landscape changes may alter climate

December 8, 1998

Greenhouse gases, the long-standing villains of climate change, may have a significant new partner in crime: wholesale changes to the world's landscapes by humans.

Research Highlights

December 7, 1998

With 110 faculty affiliates across more than 40 departments, UW–Madison’s Institute on Aging is developing a composite picture of aging in America. A…

Researchers to test methods for helping smokers quit

December 4, 1998

The UW Medical School is launching two large new studies aimed particularly at those cigaratte smokers who have tried -- and perhaps tried again -- to quit.

UW researcher reports kidney transplant finding

December 3, 1998

Kidney transplants between siblings with slightly different tissue types are as much as 28 percent more likely to survive long-term when maternal tissue types are used to determine the donor, a new study from the UW Medical School suggests.

Pediatrician nurtures growth of ethics program

December 1, 1998

Thanks in no small measure to Norman Fost's continuing leadership, medical ethics is widely appreciated as a highly relevant field with the potential to profoundly affect individual lives as well as national policy.

UW research effort bringing emotions into focus

November 25, 1998

The scientific study of emotion, an area once considered too 'soft' for serious inquiry, is developing a solid future at UW–Madison.

Law professor pursues theology, restorative justice

November 23, 1998

Bruce Kittle belongs to a select group of lawyers: those with seminary degrees.

Professor finds that in shirts, as well as skin, color matters

November 23, 1998

Prejudice strikes most people as a learned behavior, but a study of grade school kids exposes prejudice as a much cagier beast, waiting to rear its head at the slightest provocation.

Stem cell research captures world attention

November 20, 1998

The international spotlight focused on James Thomson with the news Nov. 6 that his team had cultured human embryonic stem cells in the laboratory.

Campus-community project examines childhood asthma

November 18, 1998

A new Madison project doesn't involve higher taxes or a referendum, but it does require a positive pregnancy test and a history of allergies or asthma.