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Smaller, Taller Micromachines Show Commercial Promise

February 20, 1997

A University of Wisconsin–Madison engineer follows an unusual parameter in the quest to make functional micro-machines. Rather than just smaller, he makes them taller.

Scientific Consensus Plays Role in Debate Over Wild Salmon Recovery

February 17, 1997

Science may be pointing a way out of the gridlock over rehabilitating wild Pacific salmon in the Columbia River basin, where once-annual spawning runs of 20 million fish have greatly diminished.

Fuel for Thought: UW Engineers on Trail of 80 MPG Car

February 13, 1997

Engineers at the University of Wisconsin–Madison are looking under the hood for a revolution in automobile fuel efficiency.

Cell Transplant Therapy May Have Applications for Treating Multiple Sclerosis

February 3, 1997

In a hopeful new development for people with multiple sclerosis (MS), researchers have shown in studies with dogs that they can repair diseased areas of the spinal cord by transplanting nervous system cells into the animals.