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Expert: U.S. dairies need to crack export markets

July 15, 1998

Today's lackadaisical attitude toward exporting dairy products could cost the U.S dairy industry dearly in years to come, according to a UW–Madison dairy policy analyst.

Cancer research units’ merger set for 2001

July 14, 1998

As the new millennium approaches, the McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research is poised for a consolidation with the University of Wisconsin Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Conference probes the brains behind ‘artificial intelligence’

July 9, 1998

The 15th National Conference on Artificial Intelligence is set for July 26-30 at Madison's Monona Terrace Convention Center.

Research explains lithium’s dual anti-manic/ anti-depressive effect

July 1, 1998

Researchers at the UW Medical School have solved the puzzle of how one drug -- lithium -- can effectively stabilize both the wild euphoria and the crushing melancholy that are the hallmark of manic depression, or bipolar disorder.

Was Declaration of Independence inspired by Dutch?

June 29, 1998

When he wrote the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson penned words that would live forever in history. But was he the first to write them? A UW–Madison expert says that Jefferson may have modeled the Declaration after a 16th-century Dutch document.

New microbial insecticide as potent as Bt

June 26, 1998

By isolating and characterizing the biochemical properties of a new-found natural insecticide, scientists have taken an important step toward augmenting the sparse armamentarium of biological pest control.

High-cholesterol pigs provide research model for heart disease

June 17, 1998

A team of scientists from UW–Madison have established a unique population of pigs that provide researchers with an exceptional animal model of human coronary artery disease.

Despite side effects, bed rest still common for high-risk pregnancy

June 10, 1998

Obstetricians regularly prescribe bed rest for women with complicated pregnancies, but many appear to be unaware of the harmful side effects of the inactivity, according to a study by researchers at the UW–Madison School of Nursing.

Study links smoking to higher risk of hearing loss

June 9, 1998

Smoking, a well-known risk factor for cancer and heart disease, also may play a role in hearing loss.

Does mountain living slow rate of molecular evolution?

May 27, 1998

A study of hummingbirds living high in the Andes Mountains suggests that life at the top slows the pace of genetic evolution.

Studies find no job losses from higher minimum wages

May 22, 1998

Recent increases in the federal minimum wage have raised earnings for low-wage workers in Wisconsin without causing job loss, according to a new report from the Center on Wisconsin Strategy.

Internet Scout project to partner with leading software developer

May 19, 1998

The Internet Scout Project, a UW–Madison-based project to help students and educators navigate the Internet, is one of five initial partners selected by SurfWatch, an Internet filtering software company, to provide content for its newest product.

Researchers clarify proteins’ importance for cancer

May 7, 1998

In back-to-back reports in Science and Cell, researchers at the UW Medical School describe important new data on proteins that detect and repair gene damage.

Prof’s work marries two intellectual passions

May 1, 1998

Mark Suchman's research and teaching has positioned him as an emerging figure in the growing academic field of law and society.

Education research group joins Milwaukee schools study

April 30, 1998

A new project at UW–Madison's Wisconsin Center for Education Research will collaborate with the Milwaukee Public Schools to study systemic school reform aimed at improving student achievement in the district.

Researchers track cause of energy loss in superconducting

April 29, 1998

High-temperature superconducting materials have almost limitless potential but are often less 'super' in real performance. A UW–Madison experiment has found a surprising contributor to this energy sink.

Law professor helps draft revision to probate code

April 27, 1998

A UW–Madison law professor helped draft a sweeping revision to the state laws that dictate the transfer of wealth and property through wills and estates.

UW team crafts a cooler to study X-rays

April 27, 1998

Building space flight hardware sounds pretty glamorous to a lot of us: working with state-of-the-art equipment to create instruments that will fly in outer space, enhancing humankind's understanding of the universe. But when you get down to the nitty gritty, it can be far less so.

Electron accelerator sheds light on gene repair in living cells

April 24, 1998

With the unlikely but invaluable help of physicists, engineers and an electron accelerator, UW Medical School molecular biologists have found a way to examine how damaged genes are repaired in living cells.

UW biochemist solves riddle of collagen stability

April 23, 1998

A UW–Madison research team has overturned a central theory about the stability of collagen, a protein that acts like a 'solder' to give the body its structure and shape.