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Longtime UW Police Department assistant chief to retire

June 17, 2010

Dale Burke, assistant chief of the UW Police Department (UWPD) at UW–Madison, will be retiring on July 1, 2010, after nearly 31 years with the department.

Five questions with … Katrina Forest

October 21, 2009

Bacteriology professor Katrina Forest once considered studying architecture — and in a way she does, albeit on a very small scale. As a protein crystallographer, she studies the three-dimensional structures of bacterial proteins on an atomic level to understand how the proteins function.

Anthropologist coaxes stories, history from skeletons and their genetics

March 24, 2009

Five questions with …John Hawks

Farlow celebrates 10 years with campus opera

February 11, 2009

When other 11-year-olds were out doing whatever 11-year-olds did in 1960, Bill Farlow could be found in the library in El Paso, Texas, head buried in an opera score, following along to the music as he listened to the recording. “I had watched old opera movies on television, and El Paso had a fine symphony and opera. I started learning about opera 50 years ago and it took,” says Farlow.

Pioneering ethicist makes an enduring mark

May 7, 2008

If ever there was a gnarly ethical trail to blaze, it’s the one that wends through modern biomedical science.