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Photo gallery Students set study strategies

December 13, 2023

With final exams beginning on Friday and remaining assignments due soon, UW–Madison students descended on libraries and study spots across campus this week in full force. Some found it productive to work in groups while others preferred solo; some kept at it hours at a time while others took frequent breaks. But all had the same goal: To finish strong.

People crowd around a table, studying.

Clockwise from the left, first-year Doctor of Pharmacy students Emma Anonich, Christopher Smith, Daniel Garcia, and Elizabeth Balthazor study in the F. B. Power Pharmacy Commons at Rennebohm Hall on Dec. 8. Their finals tips are to make time for yourself; get in the library; find a good balance between studying and relaxing; and don't forget to eat well. Photo by: Althea Dotzour

People study at a table.

Hannah Krogwold studies for Chemistry 103 in the Memorial Union’s Sunset Lounge on Dec. 10. Photo by: Althea Dotzour

A group of people study around a large wooden table in a softly lit room of the Kohler Art Library.

Clockwise around the table from near left, Charlotte Madden writes a paper for an art history class on Romanesque and Gothic art in architecture, Maddy Adler writes a manifesto on the future of feminism, Maddie Klonsky studies for her Social Work 453 exam, and Rachel Schultz writes a paper for Art History 300 at the Kohler Art Library on Dec. 10. Madden says, “‘I’m an art history major, so a lot of my classes are in this building. I discovered this library last year, and I just think that it's a really nice environment. There's a lot of natural light which I appreciate.” Photo by: Althea Dotzour

A person plays piano and another plays saxophone.

At left on piano, Elizabeth Vaughan, doctoral student and teaching assistant in the Mead Witter School of Music, rehearses with saxophonist Justin McDonald, a UW–Milwaukee student, for a UW–Milwaukee concerto competition in the Humanities Building on Dec. 10. Says Vaughan, “Many music students at UW–Madison and other schools are rehearsing with pianists as a requirement for an end-of-semester performance exam.” Photo by: Althea Dotzour

A student sits in a carrel studying.

At right, Manuel Sosa studies for Accounting 301 in a carrel in the Memorial Library. Photo by: Althea Dotzour

A group of students study together.

Undergraduates Julius Nurse, Alex Yun, Matthew Yu, Ketav Udupa, and Luke Williams study and work on projects at a table in College Library on Dec. 8. As advice for preparing for finals, Nurse says, “Make sure you get plenty of sleep and water because if you have your mind right, then you will study right. If you feel good, you’ll do good.” Photo by: Taylor Wolfram

A group of students study together.

Second-year undergraduates (from left to right) Anthony Thomas, Curtis Chasman, and Kyle Harrington study and work on projects together at the Business Library on Dec. 9. Harrington explains, “I come in here with friends, and we motivate each other to leave the house and get over here to the library.” Photo by: Taylor Wolfram

Students sit at two rows of desks lined up.

Students study in the Library Reading Room at the Wisconsin Historical Society. Photo by: Taylor Wolfram

Photo of a woman studying.

Sutton Kreutzfeldt, a second-year undergraduate majoring in data science and economics, studies for her Econ 101 final in her Ogg Residence Hall room on Dec. 10. "A movie soundtrack playlist and a Bubbl’r help me with long study sessions," she says. Photo by: Taylor Wolfram

A person pets a dog.

A final study tip: There's nothing like petting a dog to refresh the mind. Photo by: Althea Dotzour

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