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Morgridge Institute taps biomedical innovator as chairman

June 21, 2013 By Jennifer Sereno

The trustees of the Morgridge Institute for Research have named Fred Robertson as chairman, replacing Ernie Micek, whose term as chair has ended and who will remain on the board.

Photo: Fred Robertson

Fred Robertson

Robertson served as CEO of two highly successful Wisconsin biomedical companies, TomoTherapy and GE Marquette Medical Systems. He has been a member of the Morgridge Institute’s Board of Trustees since 2011 and also serves on the board of the University of Wisconsin Foundation.

He is a faculty member with the Department of Anesthesiology at UW–Madison’s School of Medicine and Public Health and earned his medical degree from the school. Robertson also holds an MBA from San Diego State University.

“Fred brings a deep understanding of biomedical science to the role of chairman and he recognizes the challenges of translating basic research to the point where it can be applied to therapies and cures,” Micek says. “His extraordinary combination of industry experience and medical knowledge will open new avenues for cooperation that promise to improve human health.”

In announcing the appointment of Robertson as chair, Brad Schwartz, CEO of the Morgridge Institute, also recognized the great service of Micek, a former CEO of Cargill.

“Ernie provided strong leadership and guidance through a period when this young institute was undergoing significant restructuring and reformulation of its mission,” Schwartz says. “We thank him for his selfless service and dedication and are pleased that he has agreed to stay on our board of trustees.”

Schwartz says the institute will continue to advance with Robertson as chairman.

“It is a pleasure working with Fred as a member of our board of trustees and I know he has much to offer as chairman,” Schwartz says. “His industry leadership experience and background in medicine will help the management team identify visionary new research directions and opportunities for collaboration. He is committed to enhancing research and educational opportunities at the Morgridge Institute and at UW–Madison.”

Robertson says he looks forward to the role and welcomes the opportunity to further support the Morgridge Institute scientists engaged in regenerative biology, virology, medical devices, core computational technology, bioethics and education outreach.

“The Morgridge Institute leverages the collective research and educational strengths of the university to advance basic science and address critical human health challenges,” says Robertson. “I look forward to serving as chairman as we work together to further develop the Morgridge Institute as a collaborative hub for research.”