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Photo gallery Mnookin gets a Madison preview

June 21, 2022

During an eight-day visit to campus and the community last week, Jennifer Mnookin — who will begin her duties as UW–Madison’s next chancellor on Aug. 4 — met with students, staff and stakeholders and toured key campus facilities in preparation for her new role. Mnookin’s packed schedule ranged from introductions and issue briefings to such mundane but important matters as having her computer set up and her Wiscard ID photo taken.

Mnookin posing for portrait in front of Terrace chairs

UW–Madison Chancellor-designate Jennifer Mnookin is pictured at the Memorial Union Terrace. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Mayrl and Mnookin approaching open door to chancellor's office

Matt Mayrl, chief of staff to departing Chancellor Rebecca Blank, escorts Mnookin to her new office in Bascom Hall. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Several people chatting at a reception

Mnookin talks with (left to right) Chris Walker, dance professor and director of the Division of the Arts; Adam Nelson, interim dean of the School of Education; and Kacie Lucchini Butcher, director of the Public History Project, during a reception at the Chazen Museum of Art. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Several people chatting at a reception

Mnookin talks with Andrea Mason (left), professor and chairperson in the School of Education’s Department of Kinesiology, and Lauren Papp, associate dean and professor in the School of Human Ecology, during the Chazen reception. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Mnookin speaking at a podium to a roomful of people

Mnookin tells incoming students at SOAR (Student Orientation, Advising and Registration) that she is as excited about her new opportunities as they are, and will be learning about the UW–Madison campus right alongside them. Photo by: Jeff Miller

A group of students sitting around a table in a conference room while Mnookin and Reesor listen

Lori Reesor (foreground, left), vice chancellor for student affairs, and Mnookin (right) meet with a group of student leaders over lunch at the Memorial Union. At center, Ndemazea Fonkem responds to Mnookin’s question to each of the students about what they don’t want to change at UW–Madison and where they see room for improvement. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Mnookin, Reesor and tour guides walking across street between W-crest pillars

Campus and Visitor Relations student guides Haakon Schriefer (left) and Julia Nestel (second from right) lead Mnookin and Reesor along East Campus Mall during a walking tour of campus. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Mnookin aiming smartphone camera to take a picture

Mnookin photographs the incline track at the Nicholas Recreation Center to share with her son Isaac, a rising junior and track sprinter at the University of Chicago. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Mnookin and Guzmán in room with international flags hanging from ceiling

Claudia Guzmán, director of the Multicultural Student Center, leads Mnookin on a tour of the Latinx Cultural Center in the Red Gym. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Mnookin shaking hands with a student

Mnookin shakes hands with Leticia Alavez-Lopez, a student intern with the Division of Diversity, Equity & Educational Achievement, on a tour of student cultural centers. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Mnookin looks through open door into veterinary care room where people in scrubs are gathered around a table

Ruthanne Chun (left), clinical professor in the School of Veterinary Medicine, leads Mnookin on a tour of small animal clinic operations at UW Veterinary Care. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Extreme closeup of a cow with Mnookin in background

Not every campus has cows, but this is UW–Madison — where one resident was herd to say, "Welcome, Chancellor Mnoooookin!" Photo by: Jeff Miller

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