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Photo gallery Fall scenes color UW–Madison’s campus

October 24, 2023

After an extended summer, the University of Wisconsin–Madison has made the transition to fall colors and cooler weather. From the lakeshore path to University Avenue, oak trees, maples and black walnuts blazed orange, red and gold, putting on a show as Badgers went about campus on Oct. 17.

Photos by Bryce Richter, Jeff Miller and Taylor Wolfram

Looking up into the canopy, a view of oak leaves changing color from green to orange to brown

Oak tree leaves seen near the lakeshore residence halls begin to change from green to yellow and brown. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Two people in a crowd walk down a broad pedestrian boulevard. In the background, a streetlight banner reads 175 and the tree leaves are changing color to yellow and orange.

Students and pedestrians walk down East Campus Mall in between Gordon Dining and Event Center, Sellery Residence Hall and Ogg Residence Hall. Photo by: Taylor Wolfram

A close shot of yellow leaves resting on green grass as blurred people pass in the background. Farther in the background is the Wisconsin School of Business building.

Falling leaves begin to cover the grass. Photo by: Taylor Wolfram

A chipmunk sits upright on the ledge of a stone wall. He is surrounded by red, orange and green foliage and looking directly to the camera.

A chipmunk surveys the changing foliage outside South Hall on Bascom Hill. Photo by: Bryce Richter

People walk along the sidewalk on University Avenue as a bus and cars drive down the street. Tree branches filter the late afternoon sun.

In the mid-autumn light, students move between classes along University Avenue. Photo by: Bryce Richter

Outside a glass-walled campus building, a student wearing a Wisconsin T-shirt jumps for a layup shot in a one-on-one game of pickup basketball.

First-year undergraduates Henry Urch (front) and Drae Bauer (back) play basketball on the newly renovated courts at Sellery Residence Hall. Photo by: Taylor Wolfram

A person walks their dog along a dirt path with trees in the background. The dog leans forward toward the camera.

Gnat Young walks their dog Link along the Howard Temin Lakeshore Path. Link, a very good dog, shows interest in the camera. Photo by: Bryce Richter

A bouquet of orange Dahlia flowers growing in Allen Centennial Garden

A bouquet of late-blooming orange dahlia flowers show their colors at the Allen Centennial Garden. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Facing away from the camera, a person with a long braided ponytail sits in a blue hammock. They are wearing over-ear headphones and looking at a laptop.

A student creates the perfect autumn study spot in a hammock near the lakeshore residence halls. Photo by: Jeff Miller

On the docks of Lake Mendota, two groups of students lift long crew watercraft overhead.

Members of the men’s and women’s crew teams lift their watercraft from the water and return them to storage in the Porter Boathouse. Photo by: Jeff Miller

Two friends laugh together as they sit outside at a green metal table with yellow and orange chairs. The ivy growing on the wall behind them has changed from green to yellow and red.

Mackenzie Flesch (right) helps her friend Maddy McDonald study for her exam in a gender and women’s studies class at the Memorial Union Terrace. Photo by: Taylor Wolfram

In silhouette against the setting sun, a person climbs the mast of a sailboat docked amid eight other sailboats.

A person climbs a sailboat’s mast on Lake Mendota during sunset near Memorial Union. Photo by: Taylor Wolfram

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