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Employee input will be needed for upcoming steps in title and compensation project

September 20, 2018

Work is continuing on the UW–Madison job title and compensation structure as part of the Title and Total Compensation (TTC) Project. Progress has been made on building the job framework, creation of standard job descriptions, and preliminary review of benchmark market data for UW positions.

Most of the TTC work over the last number of months has been completed by UW staff assigned to the project along with members of the TTC workgroups, and the project is now approaching aspects where more employee input is needed.

The first of these engagements is a survey provided to benefits-eligible employees asking about benefit preferences including leave (e.g., vacation) and workplace flexibilities. Mercer, the firm contracted as part of the TTC Project, will conduct this confidential survey towards the end of the year. In preparation for the survey, the TTC project team will provide information to employees at the Oct. 9 benefits fair. Materials and information sessions at the fair will provide a description of the survey, a TTC project FAQ, and general TTC information.

Another recent result of TTC project team efforts is the creation of draft standard job descriptions for all UW positions. Today, many job descriptions are out-of-date, consisting of long task lists that do not adequately specify the important work of employees. Without clear job descriptions, the UW can’t adequately develop an overarching title structure and compare positions to the labor market.

The TTC project team has been working to revise the format of job descriptions to one that is standardized, clear and, most importantly, concise. Another big benefit of standard job descriptions is the ability for employees to better understand career opportunities at the UW and ultimately, support career development.

The job description development work, thus far, has included a thorough review of current job data and preliminary subject matter expert consultations with individuals across UW institutions.

UW employees, along with their supervisors, will have the opportunity to review the standard job description specific to their positions. The descriptions will represent work that is common and customary to the campus, so the purpose of the review is to consider extraordinary or unique aspects of employees’ work while the campus adopts standard job descriptions. Employee participation will be important. The TTC project team will provide communication, training and support programs in preparation of the review, for supervisors and employees. The anticipated timeframe for these conversations is late spring of 2019.

The new Title and Total Compensation structure will have a positive impact across the UW–Madison campus, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration Laurent Heller says.

“This important initiative will help us understand how competitive we are in the labor market. It will strengthen our ability to attract and retain the top talent we need to remain a world-class university and high-quality employer,” Heller says.

Heller encouraged members of the campus community to participate in opportunities to view the work of the project team and provide feedback.

The TTC project team will continue to engage and communicate updates to the UW community. If you have questions or would like more information about the upcoming benefits preferences survey and the job description process, please contact the TTC project team via email or access informational materials currently available online at the Title and Total Compensation Project website. Also see the video recording of the Job Description Orientation.

Questions? Please contact the Title and Total Compensation Project.