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Photo gallery Celebrating the vote with verve

April 3, 2024

On Monday night, students gathered for a Voterpalooza event at the Rathskeller in Memorial Union, in advance of Tuesday’s presidential primary in Wisconsin. They were there to celebrate the importance of voting with live performances, informative resource tables and a welcoming community atmosphere. The nonpartisan event was sponsored by #BadgersVote, a group that gives students the knowledge and resources to actively participate in democracy. UW–Madison students have a history of strong civic participation: In the 2020 presidential election, nearly 3 out of 4 eligible students cast a vote.

A band plays on a stage while students listen in the audience.

Deep Dive, a Madison Indie band, performs at Voterpalooza. Photo by: Taylor Wolfram

A woman speaks on a stage.

Amaniot Kaur, #BadgersVote Co-Lead Intern, explains the referendum questions on Wisconsin’s spring election ballot at Voterpalooza at the Rathskeller. Photo by: Taylor Wolfram

A photo of several singers on stage, one looking at a cell phone.

Members of Deep Dive (left) and Kayley Bell (right) improvise a harmony to “Country Roads.” Photo by: Taylor Wolfram

A photo of students sitting around a table, chatting and laughing.

Audience members enjoy music at Voterpalooza. Photo by: Taylor Wolfram

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