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2024 Chancellor’s Undergraduate Awards Ceremony recognizes 173 outstanding students 

May 7, 2024 By Doug Erickson
An aerial photo of the UW–Madison campus shows Bascom Hall in the foreground and Lake Mendota in the background.

The UW–Madison campus. Photo: Jeff Miller

The 2024 Chancellor’s Undergraduate Awards Ceremony on May 3 honored 173 students for their academic excellence, public service and undergraduate research at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.  

“Students, you’ve each followed your own path to reach this day, but there are a few things you have in common,” said Chancellor Jennifer L. Mnookin, who presided at the ceremony. “You’re passionate about your field of study, you’re motivated to push yourself a little beyond your comfort zone, and you’re able to work across — to collaborate with people who might have very different backgrounds and ideas and ways of looking at the world.”    

Mnookin also praised the students for their deep commitment to sharing their knowledge beyond the borders of the campus “in our proud Wisconsin Idea tradition.” 

The ceremony was held in Varsity Hall at Union South. Mnookin shared hosting duties with Provost Charles Isbell and John Zumbrunnen, vice provost for teaching and learning.   

View a full list of this year’s award recipients. 

A total of 110 students received Wisconsin Hilldale Undergraduate/Faculty Research Fellowships, which support undergraduate research done in collaboration with a faculty or staff member. To help offset research costs, the student receives $3,000 and the faculty or staff member $1,000. 

Fifty-one students were awarded Sophomore Research Fellowships to work in collaboration with a faculty or staff member. Each student receives $2,500 and each faculty or staff member $500. 

Four students received Carleton and Mary Beth Holstrom Environmental Research Fellowships. Each student winner receives $3,000 and each faculty or staff member $1,000. 

Two seniors, Brelynn Bille and Josh Baston, received Theodore Herfurth and Teddy Kubly Awards for Comprehensive Undergraduate Excellence. The award honors seniors who combine high academic achievement, leadership in extra-curricular activities, financial self-support, and effective communication skills. Each winner receives $4,000. Read more about the Herfurth-Kubly winners and the finalists. 

The ceremony also honored recipients of several previously announced national honors: 

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