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Green retreat from winter white

January 29, 2008

Anyone feeling weathered of Old Man Winter or that Jack Frost has nipped enough at their likely now-parched skin should consider a retreat to a publicly accessible campus greenhouse. (Slide show included.)

Slide show: Adventure Learning Programs

October 9, 2007

Eric Knueve (red jacket), an adviser for the Adventure Learning Programs and specialist in experiential education, joins student facilitators in working as a…

Slide show: Greene Prairie

October 3, 2007

Alicia Rachow and Amy Honk take part in an ecological field experiment at the Greene Prairie site as part of Ecology 460. The…

Slide show: Microbial Sciences Building

September 14, 2007

Pedestrians walk past the exterior of the Microbial Sciences Building. The 330,000-square-foot facility is the campus’s largest academic building. Joanne Weber, center, a faculty associate…

Recent sightings: New Children’s Hospital

July 26, 2007

David Berry, vice president of the American Family Children’s Hospital, shows a prairie-themed inpatient room as he leads a media tour of the…