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Slide show: Greene Prairie

October 3, 2007
Photo of students in Greene Prairie
Alicia Rachow and Amy Honk take part in an ecological field experiment at the Greene Prairie site as part of Ecology 460. The students are studying ways to manage a highly invasive reed canary grass that has encroached on the natural prairie grasses of the Arboretum.
Photo of Greene Prairie
Early morning sunlight rakes across reed canary grass, right, that is encroaching on the natural prairie species, left, located within the Greene Prairie site.
Laboratory classroom Stormwater runoff from surrounding suburban development like the one visible in the background of this photo aids the spread of reed canary grass.
Greene Prairie Reed canary grass, right foreground, is surrounded by natural prairie plants.
Spider web in Green prairie A spider web hangs from plants.
Greene Prairie Early morning mist lingers over the prairie.

Photos: Bryce Richter