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Slide show: Adventure Learning Programs

October 9, 2007
Photo of students in ALP course
Eric Knueve (red jacket), an adviser for the Adventure Learning Programs and specialist in experiential education, joins student facilitators in working as a team to find the platform balancing point of a “four-way whale watch.”
Photo of students in ALP course
Located at the West Madison Agricultural Research Station, the low-ropes portion of the new challenge course is now complete, and ALPs is working to find funding to add a high ropes element and a shelter structure.
Photo of Eric Kneuve

Knueve shows a set of technical ropes to the group. Last year, more than 3,000 people participated in ALPs workshops.
Kneuve helping a student with harness
Knueve describes a harness worn by undergraduate student Brian Johnson.
Students in ALPs course

Participants work as a team transfer to Johnson from a wheeler to the “universal people sender.” ALPs uses climbing and ropes courses to help groups build self-esteem, trust, teamwork, communication and problem-solving skills.
Spider web in Green prairie

With the support of a team of spotters, Justin Steiner, co-coordinator of ALPs, scales a 12-foot wall.
Zig zag activity
Participants navigate a "zig-zag" walk. As ALPs campus programming and resources continue to grow, Knueve hopes to also increase its community involvement.

Photos: Jeff Miller

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