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Moderate Social Drinking During Pregnancy Risks Infant Health

A study conducted at the Harlow Primate Laboratory demonstrates for the first time in a laboratory setting that even moderate drinking can harm infant development.

Study: Social Drinking During Pregnancy Risks Infant Health

A study conducted at the University of Wisconsin–Madison's Harlow Primate Laboratory demonstrates for the first time in a laboratory setting that even moderate drinking can harm infant development.

Sun Microsystems Donation Aids UW Computing Research

A donation of high-performance computing equipment from Sun Microsystems to UW–Madison will aid projects to make parallel computing a more powerful research tool.

Think You Know Lawyers? Think Again

The common image of come-one, come-all contingency-fee lawyers (who charge no fee unless they get you some money) is flat-out wrong, says Herbert Kritzer, professor of political science and law.

Finding the Best Way To Produce Microchips

Through powerful computer models that actually simulate the making of computer chips, UW–Madison engineers are helping lead manufacturers to a new generation of smaller, faster and better electronics.

Arboreal Self-Defense

Deploying high concentrations of an aspirin-like compound as a chemical defense, some aspen trees are capable of spoiling the voracious appetites of gypsy moth caterpillars, one of the world's most feared forest insect pests.

Plants in Space: Wisconsin Seeds First To Sprout From Stock Grown on Mir

The seeds of a tiny, rapidly growing mustard plant, born in space aboard the troubled space station Mir, have sprouted in space, completing a critical first step toward the goal of raising multiple generations of plants in space.

Wisconsin’s Economy Outshines Nation’s, Study Finds

Real personal income growth in Wisconsin in the 1990s surpassed the rate of growth in the nation by 24 percent, according to a study by Jon Udell, the Irwin Maier Professor of Business at the UW–Madison School of Business.

E. Coli Genome Reported: Milestone of Modern Biology Emerges From Laboratory of Genetics

A team of scientists headed by Frederick Blattner of the E. coli Genome Project in the Laboratory of Genetics at UW–Madison has determined the complete genome sequence of the E. coli bacterium, it was reported in the Sept. 5 issue of the journal Science.

Where Fossils Fear To Tread
Scientists Follow Genes To An Ancient Ancestor

Some 600 or 700 million years ago, before animal life made a sudden evolutionary shift and diverged into nearly all the major animal divisions we know from fossils, primitive animals were inventing the genes that would make it all possible.

Sleep Apnea Is a Risk Factor for Hypertension

Chronic high blood pressure can be linked to sleep apnea, researchers at the University of Wisconsin Medical School have found.

UW Computing Network Takes Flight With Intel Grant

A $4.8 million equipment grant from Intel Corp. to the University of Wisconsin–Madison will help expand the arc of 'Condor,' a UW-inspired program that turns idle desktop computers into powerful research tools.

‘Virtual Design’ Has Real Potential for New Products

Rajit Gadh wants to unshackle design engineers from the mouse and the keyboard, giving them an approach to computer design as natural as chatting with a colleague.

UW-Madison Scientists Bridge Gap In Cell Communication

A critical step in communication between cells that promotes such things as bone formation, limb growth, and the development of other critical tissues, has been found by a team of researchers from UW–Madison.

Subtle Biotic Changes Have Big Environmental Impacts

By changing the composition of fish populations in a lake, scientists have found a switch by which the flow of carbon between lakes and the atmosphere can be turned on, off, or reversed.

Calorie Restriction Reduces Age-Related Muscle Loss

Researchers at UW–Madison have found that limiting calorie intake later in life can stall some of the muscle deterioration that normally accompanies aging.

New Advances in Fish Farming Draw a Line Between the Sexes

UW-Madison food scientist Jeff Malison and his colleagues are developing methods to raise same sex or sterile fish populations that will result in greater yields for walleye and perch farmers.

Argentina’s Burgeoning Milk Production Worries U.S. Dairy Exporters

UW-Madison agricultural economists Edward Jesse, Brad Barham and Tom Cox recently travelled to Argentina to assess the country's growing milk industry. Their conclusion: Anyone with plans to export U.S. dairy products better keep one eye on Argentina.

Study Links Automobile Accidents and Sleep Apnea

People with undiagnosed sleep apnea may be at greater risk for automobile accidents, researchers at UW Medical School have found.

Can Trout and Cows Coexist?

Researchers from UW–Madison and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources are working together to try to determine how fishing and cattle grazing can coexist around trout streams.