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Researchers track cause of energy loss in superconducting

April 29, 1998

High-temperature superconducting materials have almost limitless potential but are often less 'super' in real performance. A UW–Madison experiment has found a surprising contributor to this energy sink.

Law professor helps draft revision to probate code

April 27, 1998

A UW–Madison law professor helped draft a sweeping revision to the state laws that dictate the transfer of wealth and property through wills and estates.

UW team crafts a cooler to study X-rays

April 27, 1998

Building space flight hardware sounds pretty glamorous to a lot of us: working with state-of-the-art equipment to create instruments that will fly in outer space, enhancing humankind's understanding of the universe. But when you get down to the nitty gritty, it can be far less so.

Electron accelerator sheds light on gene repair in living cells

April 24, 1998

With the unlikely but invaluable help of physicists, engineers and an electron accelerator, UW Medical School molecular biologists have found a way to examine how damaged genes are repaired in living cells.

UW biochemist solves riddle of collagen stability

April 23, 1998

A UW–Madison research team has overturned a central theory about the stability of collagen, a protein that acts like a 'solder' to give the body its structure and shape.

Study examines effectiveness of academic redshirting

April 22, 1998

A new study by a UW–Madison researcher of academic redshirting - the decision to delay a child's entry into kindergarten that many parents are facing right now - calls into question the old adage of 'If in doubt, hold them out.'

Federal toxicology center awarded to UW–Madison

April 21, 1998

A new national Center in Developmental and Molecular Toxicology has been awarded to UW–Madison for the next four years.

Doctors use a small artery in the hand to diagnose coronary disease

April 20, 1998

Thanks to today's state-of-the-art cardiac devices, doctors at UW Hospital and Clinics have begun using a small artery in the wrist to diagnose and treat some forms of coronary artery disease.

Cantor presents TV violence ratings report to National Press Club

April 15, 1998

Joanne Cantor, UW–Madison professor of communication arts, will present her findings on television violence ratings at a National Press Club news conference in Washington D.C. Thursday, April 16.

UW prof finds TV ratings don’t always alert parents

April 15, 1998

Professor of Communication Arts Joanne Cantor is among a group of researchers who recently released a national study of television violence and its effect on children.

UW-TEC program paved road to success for professor’s invention

April 14, 1998

A tenacious early market assessment by a group of UW–Madison business students helped Marc Anderson's invention find commercial pay dirt.

UW clean-air technology headed for the produce section

April 14, 1998

A UW–Madison technology that helped plants thrive in outer space may soon be landing in grocery stores, helping extend the freshness of fruits and vegetables.

From family to his clinical practice, doctor considers himself part of the group

April 13, 1998

In 14 years at UW–Madison, McBride has developed broad shoulders capable of supporting a formidable national reputation.

UW scientists seek early warning of drinking water threats

April 10, 1998

A UW–Madison research team will be mixing up a batch of 'pathogen cocktails' in the laboratory, with the goal of countering disease-causing threats to drinking water.

George Cramer brings the artist’s soul to high-tech computing

April 2, 1998

George Cramer's artistic career took a wild turn 12 years ago from a seemingly ho-hum influence: a Christmas present to his two teenage sons.

English skills: Not just for English class

March 20, 1998

Since 1996, the UW–Madison National Research Center for English Learning and Achievement has engaged in multidisciplinary research with several other universities in New York, Oklahoma and Washington to investigate the many complicated contexts in which students learn to write and read.

Reading, writing and talking: Researcher discovers discussion is key to improving skills

March 20, 1998

A fictional (youâll see why in a few lines) ninth-grade English class has been assigned to write a paper predicting the outcome of the William Golding novel, Lord of the Flies.

UW team asks how well NASA communicates during crises

March 19, 1998

How well do mission control crews communicate during a crisis? Itâs an important question that two UW–Madison faculty members will explore on behalf of NASA.

Anthropologist collaborates with study’s subjects

March 16, 1998

In a new book titled Mondays on the Dark Night of the Moon: Himalayan Folktales, cultural anthropologist Kirin Narayan contributes to a growing movement in anthropology to work out more equitable and collaborative relations with the people being studied.

Research zeros in on molecular destination of antidepressants

March 12, 1998

Side effects or not, Prozac and similar medications are helping millions of people live more satisfying lives. But scientists still aren't sure exactly how the drugs work at the most basic molecular levels. With a grant from the National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression, UW Medical School researchers are aiming to find the answers.