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A Fat That Reduces Cancer, Heart Disease and Body Fat?

Conjugated linoleic acid, a fatty acid found in dairy products and other animal fats, has many beneficial biological effects.

Antibody Omelets Improve Growth in Poultry and Livestock

Some small farms in Wisconsin may soon become antibody factories, raising laying hens that produce growth-stimulating antibodies in their egg yolks.

Research Points to Defect That May Yield Abnormal Heart Muscle Function

A University of Wisconsin Medical School researcher and his collaborators can now explain a cellular defect that causes enlarged hearts to contract weakly.

Researchers Gain Insights Into Drugs Used for Manic-Depression

Many people who suffer from bipolar disorder, or Researchers at the University of Wisconsin Medical School now believe they understand why.

Richard Ralston Collects Culture Through Stamps

Should the discovery of a world in a grain of sand elude you, Richard Ralston suggests you continue the search in a postage stamp.

Quantum Dots:’ The Finish Line in High-Speed Computing?

In the full-throttle quest to make smaller, faster and better computer chips, engineer Max Lagally is exploring what may be the final frontier: Building them one atom at a time.

Engineer Explores Pollution-Fighting Materials

Ceramic brings to mind the simple stuff of plates and pottery, yet it may work wonders in the complex world of environmental cleanup, from filtering pollution to degrading hazardous chemicals.

New Vaccine Blocks Viral Entry in Cattle, May Have Implications for Human Vaccines

Geoffrey Letchworth, a virologist in the Department of Animal Health and Biomedical Sciences, has developed such an experimental vaccine for bovine herpes virus 1 (BHV-1).

Disarming Alzheimer’s Toxic Proteins

A new study of the proteins that may be responsible for the brain lesions associated with Alzheimer's disease promises a new understanding of its underlying cause, and may someday yield new treatments for the devastating and deadly disease.

Tired of Heat Detection? Ovsynch and Save

A new technique can help farmers artificially inseminate dairy cows at the proper stage in their reproductive cycle without continuous heat detection, say researchers at UW–Madison's College of Agricultural and Life Sciences.

Virus May Be Linked to Obesity

A virus that can cause obesity in animals may be linked to some cases of obesity in humans, researchers at the University of Wisconsin Medical School have found.

Rebuilding Persistence in Alfalfa

When it comes to improving alfalfa, plant geneticist Edwin Bingham believes the job takes persistence. Bingham has become single-minded -- you might even say persistent -- in advocating for greater persistence as an agronomic virtue in alfalfa.

Tackling Nitrogen Deficiency in No-Till Corn Production

Nitrogen deficiency is one of the biggest hurdles when adopting no-till corn production in Wisconsin.

Book To Show How Dance Creates, Challenges Gender Identity

Sally Banes, Marian Hannah Winter Professor of Theatre History and Dance Studies at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, has found evidence from the dance stage that leads to alternative interpretations.

UW Experts Connect with New Supercomputing Partnership

UW-Madison faculty and staff have eight partnerships with a National Science Foundation (NSF) project to advance high-performance computing in science and engineering.

UW Historian Publishes Book on Nazi Turncoats

What complex and sometimes mysterious motives cause minds to change? In the case of many high-ranking and initially loyal German Nazis, the answer may…

Largest-Ever Women’s Health Study Heads Into Final Year of Recruitment

For anyone who has struggled with the lure of a bratwurst in July, that's a tall order. But it's exactly the regimen one group of women is testing as part of the Women's Health Initiative, the largest U.S. clinical study ever conducted on women's health.

Study Suggests Purple Grape Juice Is Good for the Heart

There appears to be something special about the fruits of the vine when it comes to preventing heart disease.

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Groucho Marx — publicity still © 1930 Courtesy of Richman Agency, Los Angeles. All Rights Reserved.

Jewish Humor Featured in Chicago Exhibit

Jewish humor and American culture are as interlocked as lox and bagels. That's overwhelmingly evident right now at the Spertus Museum in Chicago, where an exhibition called 'Let There Be Laughter! Jewish Humor in America' has opened.