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Commencement spotlight: The road less taken leads military vet to his ‘dream school’

“I would not have made it to UW–Madison without the military,” Noah Ash says. “I was given this amazing opportunity, and I have tried my best to make the most of it.”

Student group promotes usefulness of philosophy in the community

“We believe that no matter what you’re doing, philosophy can help you do it better,” says the group’s executive director and co-founder.

Father-son team brings philosophers to graphic life in ‘Heretics!’

Philosophy professor Steven Nadler is known for serious scholarship. For his latest book, he has chosen a very different format: full of bright illustrations and characters speaking in word bubbles.

Video: I calculate, therefore I am: Mixing math and philosophy

By double majoring in math and philosophy, Hannah DeBrine says she learns both kinds of truth: Logical truth, and individual people's truth. Even if a good philosophy class ends with more confusion than it started with.

Standing up to Socrates: Philosophy major invites more women to the table

When Macy Salzberger joined the Socratic Society, an undergraduate club for University of Wisconsin–Madison students interested in discussing philosophy, she was hoping to find like-minded friends eager to engage with her on complex topics: contemporary ethics, the nature of consciousness, and more. What she found, instead, was a fierce style of argument—and hardly any women.

Pioneering ethicist makes an enduring mark

If ever there was a gnarly ethical trail to blaze, it’s the one that wends through modern biomedical science.